Game Pass is not an Xbox Series X Killer app and is not for it.

Xbox Series X-Not just the game pass (Photo: Microsoft)

Readers look at the differences The Xbox Series X / S and PS5 conclude that Microsoft’s future plans aren’t what most people envision.

I agree with the recent comment that there were too many negative opinions about the launch of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S. We should be excited in the coming weeks before the new glossy console comes out. I know I am.

I was lucky enough to get a pre-order for both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X, but the release date is approaching, so would you like to buy one or both, or both?

The launch of next-generation consoles should mean exactly that, the new generation. If you’re spending £ 500 on a new toy, it’s built with faster hardware, better graphics, higher resolution, faster frame rate, better sound, and higher specs. I need a new game.

1. Hardware specifications
The Xbox Series X / S has faster processors and graphics cards, while the PlayStation 5 has faster full system bandwidth, faster SSDs, higher quality Wi-Fi, 3D audio, and more. It has a high-speed USB port. I think the PlayStation 5 has a technical advantage, but both machines are very powerful consoles.

2. Exclusive game
PlayStation 5 has five console-only launch games. Demon’s Souls, Godfall, and Astro’s Playroom. In addition, PlayStation-only Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Sackboy: Big Adventure, Bugs Nax. The Xbox Series X / S is zero at launch and will use The Medium a month later (although it looks great).

3. Third party games
As always, all big names are on both sides and will look / sound / play great.

4. Backward compatibility
Both consoles can play the current generation, so anyone interested can use either. It is convenient because there is little backlog of PlayStation 4.

5. Game price of £ 70
I buy a physical game and sell it only when it’s finished, so there’s little difference in price (buy it for £ 70 on the launch date and sell it on eBay for £ 50-60 a month or two later. To do).

So, as I’m writing, the only real difference between them is the exclusive game, and there’s no competition because the game is the point here … PlayStation 5.

Why didn’t you mention the Game Pass?

If you’re interested in games currently on the Game Pass, use the current generation for a year or two, but don’t need the next generation.

That said, the Game Pass is great and I believe it’s a real win for Microsoft.

Some consider the game pass to be Microsoft’s killer app that kills the PlayStation. I haven’t seen it, and based on their actions and comments, I don’t think Microsoft will.

1. A year ago, Microsoft said it didn’t see Sony as a major competitor, it was Amazon, Google, Apple and other subscription services.

2. Phil Spencer states that he “wants to attract non-gamers and grow the market” on every occasion.

3. Microsoft has no interest in creating exclusive games, Halo infinite is clearly not a priority and there are no other exclusive titles.

4. Microsoft is investing heavily in catalog acquisition to fill the Game Pass shelves.

5. The Series X / S approach blurs the boundaries between hardware generations. PhilSpencer has repeatedly stated that Series S will be a bigger seller and hopes that the hardware generation will end.

6. Think about the movie industry. Hollywood blockbusters are profitable by first selling them to cinemas, then rentals, then directly to consumers, and finally to streaming services (such as Netflix) and television. Hollywood blockbusters, which cost more than $ 200 million to produce, can’t be sold solely to streaming services, and the same is true for games.

All of the above could point to Microsoft’s goal as a potential mass market for subscription games, rather than the current console market. I think there is demand for both.

Microsoft is considering owning a subscription platform for mass market / casual gamers with hundreds of old games and cheap exclusive games in the future (mas market is much less demanding). Sony will continue to own the gaming console market with high-end machines and better exclusive products for enthusiastic gamers.

Whatever the future, it’s a great time to be a gamer and we should all be excited about the next chapter starting in the coming weeks.


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Game Pass is not the Xbox Series X killer app and it’s not meant to be – Reader’s Feature

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