Game & Watch: Super Mario Brothers has a language error

We would like to inform you about the language error of the song “Mario Drawing” on the digital clock of Game & Watch Super Mario Brothers System.

Game & Watch: When Super Mario Bros. is released this week, it will be released with a few language errors. Nintendo explained the situation on its official website today.

The “Mario Drawing” songs that appear on digital clocks display the wrong set of lyrics depending on the language you choose. French, Spanish, German and Italian are affected. However, English, Dutch, and Japanese are always displayed correctly. It is possible to access the correct lyrics, but the languages ​​mentioned above are confused.

The full notice from Nintendo is:

Please be careful: Game & Watch Informs you that one of the 35 small touches on your Super Mario Bros. system digital clock has encountered an error. Unfortunately, the “Mario’s Picture” song (spoken in English only), which you can access while holding down the A button, has the wrong language lyrics when you select German, French, Italian, or Spanish from the title screen. Display the set. English, Dutch and Japanese are not affected. However, you can change the language of the lyrics that are displayed at any time during song playback. See the table below for more information. The language setting can only be selected for the “Draw Mario” song. System boot is not affected. Game & Watch: Super Mario Brothers will be available on schedule on November 13th. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Language selected on the title screen Language of lyrics to display
French German
Spanish French
German Italian
Italian Spanish


Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. has a language error

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