GameOn for Vivek Gohil, an avid and skilled gamer for over 20 years

As an adult with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, assistive technology is an important factor in living an independent lifestyle for Vivek, who has a long and productive relationship with British muscular dystrophy.

Here he personally explains how great the game is for him and enthusiastically comments on the new MDUK GameOn initiative.

“The new MDUK Game On Initiative is a great way to do two of the many in MDUK’s games and funding, which is a community favorite activity. Physical fundraising can be very tiring. If you can raise money at your own home, you can feel like you’re giving back to MDUK. I know this will be a great new opportunity for MDUK, so Game On! “

Vivek, 30, from Leicester, said: “Games are an ideal way to deal with deteriorating muscles and give you a sense of freedom and ability.”

The first game that captivated him was Game Boy Advance’s Super Mario World. Over the years, he has skillfully developed ways to deal with small problems that arise. His love for the game remains a major skill and concern.

He said:

“When I bought the PS4, I only faced serious accessibility issues due to additional muscle waste and major changes in the shape of the controller.

“I found the controller to be heavy, big, and the buttons were repositioned, making it difficult to press the buttons and sticks. At that point, I had a problem and decided to abandon the game altogether.

“Only when my mother realized how depressed I was, I realized how important the game was to me.”

They had to find a solution. One was to raise the wrist with a small sponge so as not to hold the controller.

“It took me a year for my new setup to be developed in partnership with the game charity Special Effect. It was an interesting process that included trying out a joystick with one hand, but the first idea was a success. Instead, I wanted to have more control over the controller setup.

“Special effects provided an adapter that allowed us to create scripts to simplify the game. To do this, assign actions such as sprints to push the left stick forward, and create your own button combo. I asked him to create a controller stand in another project to solve the problem of fatigue.

“Finally, I personally adjusted the controller by using a small rubber circle I bought from Amazon to raise the height of certain buttons. In my setup, I used four sponges and Raise your wrists higher than the sticks and support your elbows. Without this I wouldn’t be able to play. “

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It’s Game On for Vivek Gohil, an avid and skilled gamer for more than 20 years

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