Gameplay footage of the Halo Infinite Campaign on Monday morning

Microsoft has announced that it will release footage of the new Halo Infinite campaign on Monday, October 25, as part of a special video broadcast. The broadcast will take place within two months of the release of Halo Infinite on December 8. The 343 displayed a number of Halo Infinite multiplayer and held multiple betas, but the company hasn’t revealed much of the campaign for some time.

It will be changed tomorrow, October 25th. The 343 video showcase will start at 6am Pacific Standard Time / 9am Eastern Standard Time and can be seen on the YouTube video below.

The only officially released Halo Infinite campaign gameplay footage so far was July 2020, which was very overwhelming for many fans. A demo of the campaign released at the time produced a meme of Craig the Brute with its poor quality, and 343 announced that he would look better afterwards.

Microsoft has also released what appears to be an overview of Halo Infinite’s new story, touching on The Banished, a threat facing the Master Chief. Halo Infinite is also proud to run the “largest, most widespread, open and adventurous” campaign to date.

“The exiled have defeated the UNSC forces, ruled the mysterious Zeta Hello, and threatened the survival of humanity,” 343 said. “When all hope is lost and humanity’s destiny is balanced, the Master Chief returns to confront the most ruthless enemies he has ever faced. This is true to the player in the greatest and widest range. A new perspective on the Halo Infinite campaign to showcase the freedom of Sparta. There is still an open and adventurous Halo experience, which will be available on December 8, 2021. “

The Halo Infinite campaign was a no-show at Gamescom in August, with 343 bosses Joseph Staten admitting fan dissatisfaction and explaining why the decision was made.

According to Staten, the development team is currently in “shutdown mode.” This means that we’ve finished working on the main features for launching the game, and the studio is currently fixing the highest priority bugs.this is big Work that requires a lot of time and resources, and creating new campaign demos and trailers to showcase the campaign would have slowed things down.

Halo Infinite’s campaign and multiplayer are separate standalone products. Multiplayer is free to play, but the campaign is priced. Both games are offered through the Xbox Game Pass.

After a long delay, Halo Infinite will be available for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S on December 8th.

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