Gamers must say no to PS5 and Xbox scalpers – reader features

What is the best way to stop the scalper? (Photo: Microsoft)

Readers are indignant at PS5 and Scalper charging extra eBay’s Xbox Series X demands more from Microsoft and Sony.

One thing that’s really bad for everyone is if you’re running out of consoles and have to wait a few months for the next batch, but it’s not guaranteed to be available. Both Sony and Microsoft have sold many next-generation consoles in a very short period of time, but most of this problem is scalping, except for inventory shortages.

Fans of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X have noticed that these systems are selling at double or triple prices on sites like eBay, and Scalper buys consoles for a ridiculous amount of money, shortening supply, and Many people make these systems unavailable. Normal retail price.

Scalpers know exactly what they are doing, and supply shortages will only worsen until Microsoft and Sony take steps to address this, with Sony shipping 2.5 million units. Despite its promise, Scalper claims to acquire a large number of these systems.

So what steps can sites such as eBay, Sony, and Microsoft take to address this scalping issue? Well, eBay can implement a policy that anyone who lists the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X above the suggested retail price must have a real person approve the list. For example, if the list is above the recommended retail price by up to £ 100 or $ 100, the list will be rejected.

Another great solution is for Microsoft and Sony to limit the number of consoles retailers can sell at one time to one per customer and automatically reject anyone trying to buy multiple consoles. ..

This stops the scalping problem and prevents the scalper from quickly exhausting consumables. You’ll also get a console without having to worry about dealing with scalping issues or buying a new system. These simple measures quickly make bots useless and force scalpers to quickly lower prices.

The fact that scalping has gone out of control and is allowed to exploit anyone who needs a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X console is clearly being exploited, and eBay, Microsoft, and Sony are tough to address this issue. It’s easy until April before people can get these systems from exploitative scalpers without paying ridiculous amounts until they start implementing measures.

New games will be available before April. Developers rarely see games sold for these systems, as many people don’t have access to games unless they deal with scalping quickly. The fact that Scalper is doing this during a pandemic should be more than enough to convince people that at least the law needs to be changed to prevent this from happening in the future.

For me, I can wait a year if needed. Paying doubles or triples is just ridiculous, reducing the profits of game developers in the long run and discouraging many from getting consoles early. Not later. The best thing many can do is not to give in to these scalpers, to refuse to pay apparently exploitative prices, and to force them to start selling these systems at a fairer price.

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Gamers have got to say no to PS5 and Xbox scalpers – Reader’s Feature

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