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Gamers threaten to flaw PlayStation after Xbox Live price increase

Microsoft announced on Friday that it will raise the price of its Xbox Live Gold membership. This poses the threat of jumping from some gamers to their rival PlayStation.

The one-month membership of Xbox Live required to play games such as “Call of Duty” online will increase from $ 10 to $ 11, and the three-month plan will jump from $ 5 to $ 30.

Users who prefer to buy in bulk are even more unlucky thanks to Microsoft.
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Turn the $ 60 option for 12 months into a 6-month plan. In short, the annual price of Xbox Live Gold has virtually doubled from $ 5 a month to $ 10 a month.

Peeved users speculated that this change was part of Microsoft’s efforts to allow users to sign up for an Xbox Game Pass subscription service that allows them to access their game library for $ 10 per month.

“Every few months, the Xbox needs to do something to remind people that they aren’t really in contact with gamers or reality,” said VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grab. Tweet About changes. “Xbox Live Gold’s $ 120 a year (to bully people on the game pass) is the latest example.”

“You can’t wait to borrow and sell all your organs just to buy Xbox Live Gold,” said another user. I have written..

Other gamers started playing PlayStation math

Offering a subscription that points out that 12 months will still cost $ 60 from Xbox rivals.

“I don’t know if Xbox Live Gold is much better than the PlayStation Network and can justify the price difference,” said one. Tweet..

Indeed, the number of complaining users eventually became the “PlayStation” trend on Twitter, alongside “Xbox Live Gold.”

Microsoft Blog post “The price of Xbox Live Gold hasn’t changed for years, and in some markets it hasn’t changed for more than a decade,” he defended the move.

“We regularly value and price our services to reflect changes in the local market and continue to invest in the Xbox community,” the company said.

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Gamers threaten to flaw PlayStation after Xbox Live price increase Gamers threaten to flaw PlayStation after Xbox Live price increase

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