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Xbox gamers can feel like fans of mid-table sports teams. There is always a promising new signature, or a large investment to sow for a promising future, but is it here now? Well, there are individual wins to evoke spirits, but not enough to make a real tilt in the title.

Perhaps that’s changing with the Xbox Series X, the boldly discounted Xbox Series S, the widespread rollout of the Xbox Game Pass with game streaming, and the pending acquisitions of Zenimax and all its games. ..

Still, don’t diminish what the Xbox One actually hosted in the twilight year. Sure, it’s not as spectacular as Sony’s first-party lineup, but games like Gears 5 and Forza Horizon 4 are probably the best these series ever.

Built on the foundation of the sublime Ori and the Blind Forest, the Will of the Wisps is the talented artwork of Moon Studios artists, undeniably beautiful, but good looks alone aren’t enough to win it. There is none. Perhaps it’s an incredibly moving soundtrack from Gareth Coker? As one of the brightest lights in the composition of a video game, his work creates an atmosphere and moves along with storytelling and everything else here.

Maybe you should pay attention to the gameplay and the tightly wound platform action that makes Ori feel like a ballet spirit sword through different biomes. On the other hand, the finger manages to manage the operations required to achieve it. Again, it’s probably bittersweet storytelling, and the climax tends to stay with you for a long time after you put the controller down. In fact, all of this comes together to create something familiar, but completely refreshed.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps definitely deserves to be the best Xbox game of 2020.

– Dom L

Runner-up-Tell me why

Dontnod found a new sponsor of a graphic adventure game in the form of Microsoft and created a new world, new characters, and another mature nuanced story for navigating with Tell Me Why.

The game can be praised in a way that makes a trans-gender man appear as one of the two protagonists, without feeling like a token gesture. When Tyler reunites with his twin sister Allison after leaving the juvenile training school for his mother’s death, the two remember revisiting with many souls they want to do (via a slightly supernatural brother Link). Have the truth of what happened 10 years ago.

Released in episodes three times a week, it successfully avoids the pace and production issues often faced by episode games, incorporating events for each episode one week at a time, or putting everything together a few weeks after the first episode. can do. Arrived. In any case, the mature story and the quest for trauma and relationships in the family were shining.

Runner-up – Gear Tactics

As the spin-off progresses, the shift to Gears Tactics and turn-based tactical battles makes perfect sense for the gritty cover-based shooter series. The game was originally released on the PC in April, but there is a traditional home in this genre, but when the console is finally released with the Xbox Series X | S, it’s mostly in control of the gamepad. I was able to jump easily.

Not the most original example of a turn-based game, the action is smooth and fast-paced, with the ability and weapons to inspire the fight against locusts found in the mainline series and capture the same sensations as a third person. Shooting game counterpart. Whether you’re a TBT fan or a Gears fan, it’s well worth playing first. Absolutely if you love both!

Honorable Mention (alphabetical order)

  • Battletoads
  • Deep rock galactic
  • Grounding (game preview)

Here’s a handy list to keep up with the Game of the Year awards we’ve distributed so far!

We are nearing the end of the award season. See you tomorrow at the Best PlayStation Game Awards.


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