Games Workshop previews 40k Crossfire rules

December 3, 2021 by Polar_Bear

How are Genestealer Cultists planning to defeat much more heavily armored, armed, and trained Adeptus Custodes in Terra? Through their professional tactics of identifying and clearing opponents. Check out these Crossfire rules in this upcoming Codex preview. 40k..

From the article:

When you think Hivemind servantThere are a few things that stand out – big claws, sharp teeth, and a breathtaking appetite. It’s easy to forget that one of their greatest strengths is the ability to adjust with the speed of thinking. This is what Genestealer Cults is using to have a devastating impact on the imminent Codex coming in early 2022.

Unprepared enemies find that cultists jump from their prepared position and cover them with bullets, trapping them in a shooting cage from all sides. Every time a unit with the Crossfire keyword shoots at least 5 hits (or hits with damage characteristics other than 1) and scores, the target gets a crossfire marker.

Enemy units with crossfire markers are especially vulnerable to attacks. First, if more crossfire units shoot them, 1 will be added to the hit roll. Second, if the targets are exposed, they are in a hurt world.

How is the target exposed? Draw a line from the base of the attacking unit to another friendly crossfire model in sight, and when that line passes through the target unit, that target unit will be exposed.


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