Games Workshop previews Age of Sigmar’s Bastian Carthalos

October 19, 2021 by Polar_Bear

One of Stormhost’s greatest generals is heading to the forefront Sigmar’s era.. It’s Bastian Cartaros and you can see his new mini and some of his special rules in this preview.

From the article:

Of all the storm hosts created by the King of God, the Sigmar Hammer is most often cited as the image that defines the meaning of being a Stormcast Eternal.Legendary warriors such as Vandas Hammer Hand, Neve Black Talon, When Aventis Fire Strike Meet their ranks, and it’s their power that there must be someone to command them all Exceptionally A cool guy. After all, he is, and his name is Bastian Cartaros.

This stunning miniature can be pre-ordered from Saturday, so it seemed like a great time to learn more about him.

Bastian, known as Thunderborn, wasn’t the first forged storm host, but probably stood by Sigmar longer than any other living stormcast.As a mortal man, he leads the tribe Archaon It was Cartaros who took part in the Battle of the Burning Sky * and covered the retreat of Sigmar at great expense when the battle flow changed.


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