Games Workshop previews more Draconis hero special abilities for the Sigma era

August 11, 2021 by Polar_Bear

More giant dragons Sigmar’s era.. They are Draconis heroes and we will look at some of the special abilities they will bring to the good forces. Please take a look.

From the article:

we I saw Klondis and KarajaAs the Draconis Heroes soon returned to the Mortal Realm, we began to think about which of these giant dragons to fight. One is majestic blue, with a definite smile on the beast preparing to regain the mortal realm for his relatives. The other is scratched, red and really really angry.

Then we looked at their rules and soon realized we needed both.. Especially because it looks like this on the desktop.

Each prince fights according to their personality. The Karajás are jaw and claw-like dragons, but Klondis is more measured and prefers to dominate the battlefield and shut down wizards. Individually they will be incredibly powerful, but together they will cause terrible confusion in close proximity, out of range, When With magic.

But first, let’s talk about their breath of fire. Both dragons use a fiery tempest. This is an 18-inch “refining flame” torrent, as fun to hear. The target unit has 1 to 6 fatal injuries.


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