Games Workshop previews next week’s pre-order

November 2, 2020 by Polar_Bear

Well, you have a cart full of pre-orders this week, but what’s coming out this Saturday? Games Workshop is covered in this preview.The big story is new Broken Area: Morati Set to change the face of the book, Sigmar’s era eternally.

From the article:

The story of Broken Realms is set to cover the entire Age of Sigmar, changing the status quo of all factions. It all starts next week with the first book in the series, Broken Realms: Morathi, and will be available in hardcover, eBooks, and limited editions.

The Shadow Queen has long planned to achieve true divinity, and she is finally seizing her chance. Anyone who gets in the way of her will suffer … as you see in the epic story of Cain’s daughter, IDNES Deepkin, Slave to Darkness, Stormcast Eternal, and the City of Sigma. The power of mortal realm. After reading it and lifting your chin off the floor, you can play major events with new battle plans and rules for all five factions.

To kickstart the Broken Realm game, you can also choose from four theme box sets that will help you recreate the army from the Broken Realm story: Morati-In fact, to form a warscroll battalion for each. The book contains everything you need. These kits are a great starting point for larger troops or to enhance existing collections, to allow new troops to pass through broken territories or thwart Morati’s evil plans. Great for using tools. These details and content can be found on the Broken Realms website.


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