GameStop sells PC hardware such as RTX 3000 GPUs and laptops

Retailer GameStop is expanding its product catalog to include PC gaming hardware such as GeForce RTX 3000 series graphics cards and laptops.

GameStop CEO George Sherman said in a statement Tuesday (PC Mag report) that the company is increasing its inventory to meet consumer needs. “This includes the expansion of products across PC games, computers, monitors, game tables, mobile games and gaming TVs, to name just a few,” Sherman said.

The company also launched new ads highlighting the various hardware on sale, including GeForce RTX 3090 GPUs, mini tower cases, and motherboards. Many products are already listed in search results on the GameStop website, but some are only shipped to the United States, some aren’t available, and some won’t arrive until April 16th. Video cards, including Nvidia’s RTX 30 series, are notorious for being difficult to find in stock due to a continuous shortage of semiconductors. That may also be the case with GameStop.

GameStop also Dedicated PC game page, We sell accessories such as desktops, laptops, virtual reality headsets, lights and speakers. Sherman said GameStop will invest more in e-commerce, but the company hasn’t specified whether these sales will be online or in-store.

“Global e-commerce revenue grew 175%, accounting for 34% of total revenue in the fourth quarter, compared to 12% of net revenue in the year-ago quarter,” Sherman said.

GameStop became a hot topic when Chief Customer Officer Frank Hamlin announced that he would resign from the company’s stock roller coaster. The company also expects board members, including former Nintendo boss Reginald Fiss Aim, to retire as part of the 2021 annual meeting later this year.

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