GameStop will have Xbox Series X | S in stock in stores on June 16th

GameStop has announced that it will update its inventory of the Xbox Series S and X consoles tomorrow, June 16th, for customers to purchase over-the-counter.

The quantity is limited to one per person, and each customer can trade used games and accessories for “huge trade offers” to offset the price of the console. GameStop’s official Twitter account has posted a cheeky tweet mentioning the availability of the Xbox Series S and X systems. Retailers have also confirmed that they have updated their inventory of Nintendo Switch consoles. It’s worth calling the local GameStop before heading there to make sure either console is still available.

If you miss the chance to get the Xbox Series X | S from GameStop, there’s an inventory tracker that updates regularly as more consoles become available. We are also tracking the restocking of PS5 and it will sell out soon.

The Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X | S consoles were all hard to come by due to the global shortage of semiconductors affecting all industries. President Biden announced plans to investigate the issue earlier this year, and a bill recently passed by the Senate to remedy the semiconductor shortage is heading to the House of Representatives.

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