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Jacksonville Jaguar could afford to trade with quarterback Gardner Minshoe because CJ Beathard was on the roster.

Back in March, Jacksonville Jaguar signed a quarterback CJ Beathard Even though they had already listed Gardner Minshu on the list. In retrospect, the team’s brass seems to have finally prepared to let go of the 2019 Round 6 pick.

Urban Meyer head coach said the team likes Minshu and has no plans to deal with him, but it makes sense to look for potential deals. After all, the former cougar has played 23 games with 20 starts. That kind of production is always coveted in the NFL, where demand for competent quarterbacks exceeds demand.

Jaguar certainly expected more from Minshu, but couldn’t justify keeping Minshu any longer. They exchanged him for the Philadelphia Eagles A selection of the sixth round that could be the fifth if you played more than 50% of your play in three games in 2021. Trevor Lawrence..

Is CJ Beathard objectively better than Gardner Minshoe?

It may not be, but Minshu was no longer included in the team’s long-term plan. Keep in mind that the administration that drafted him is no longer in effect and Urban Meyer brought his men in the off-season. He has already transferred from players he has inherited, such as tight-end Josh Oliver and cornerback Josiah Scott. Therefore, the decision to part with Minshu is not shocking.

Since 2017, Beathard has played 19 games with 12 starts. In that span, he completed 291 passes of 497 yards and 3,469 yards with 18 touchdowns and 13 intercepts. These numbers aren’t spectacular, but the truth is that Jaguar doesn’t expect Iowa products to launch. Rather, he is a backup for Trevor Lawrence.

Minshu has a better number of carriers Vesard had a better preseasonComplete 22 out of 30 passes with 223 yards and 3 touchdowns. Bethard is almost three years older than Minshu, and the latter may have a larger ceiling, but maintaining Minshu didn’t make much sense because Lawrence was the starting lineup.

CJ Beathard doesn’t have to step into the football field if Lawrence responds to his draft request and avoids major injuries. Nevertheless, Jaguar expects him to do a good job if he has to. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have exchanged Minshu for the Eagles.

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Gardner Minshoe Trade paves the way for CJ Beathard Gardner Minshoe Trade paves the way for CJ Beathard

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