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Gartray Pattern Trading-Analysis and Forecast-May 24, 2022

This survey provides guidance on Gartley pattern trading by examining the 96 Gartley patterns historically formed on the Forex and Stock Market Index charts. The first screenshot was taken with the Garltey pattern only. The second screenshot was taken with Gartley Pattern + Supply Demand Zone + Bollinger Bands. Therefore, there are 192 screenshots (96 x 2) in this survey. This study uses a harmonic pattern detection algorithm with no repainting or delay. Therefore, this study shows both failed and successful patterns to provide unbiased results. Redraw indicators usually indicate successful patterns, making it difficult to see the actual performance of a strategy in a chart history survey. If you want to be a profitable trader, you need to study your strategy in a scientific way. Basically, you need to check for reproducibility or reproducibility. This survey is provided to strengthen the trading community’s forex and equity trading. We would also like to add scientific value to the harmonic pattern, X3 chart pattern, and Elliott wave pattern. The Gartley pattern in this study has the following structure:

  • N: 3, C0: 0.618 ~ T0: 3
  • R0: 1.272, R1: 0.382 -0.886, R2: 0.618

Points to note in this survey:

  • Price fluctuations around the pattern completion zone (= trading zone) of the gar tray pattern
  • Interaction of supply and demand zones with the Gartley pattern
  • Risk management around the trading zone.At least look for a transaction entry with Reward> Risk x2
  • Possibility of breakout trading around the trading zone (= used as support and resistance)
  • Find continuation and reversal patterns

The reference materials for this study are shown below.

  • Science of Support, Resistance, Fibonacci Analysis, Harmonic Patterns, Elliott Waves, X3 Chart Patterns (Forex and Stock Market Trading)
  • Guide to Precision Harmonic Pattern Trading (Learn Turning Point Strategies for Financial Trading)
  • Forex and stock market technical analysis (supply demand analysis and support resistance)
  • Profitable chart patterns in the forex and stock markets (Fibonacci analysis, harmonic patterns, Elliott wave, and X3 chart patterns)
  • Science Guide to Price Behavior and Pattern Trading (Trends, Cycles, Fractal Wave Wisdom)

The YouTube link for Ghatley Pattern Trading is:

This research was performed using a robo-advisor built within the Optimum Chart.

Similar results can be seen using the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platform X3 chart pattern scanners (non-redraw and non-delay algorithms).

Harmonic Pattern Plus is an affordable, powerful and feature-rich Harmonic Pattern Scanner for repainting.

Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner is an advanced repaint harmonic pattern scanner with a wealth of powerful features at an affordable price.

Gartray Pattern Trading-Analysis and Forecast-May 24, 2022 Gartray Pattern Trading-Analysis and Forecast-May 24, 2022

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