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Gary Neville suggested that Tottenham Hotspur duo Gareth Bale and Dele Alli should do more at Monday Night Football on Sky Sports.

Spurs lost 4 of the last 5 Premier League Games, and Jose Mourinho I’m under pressure. They fell to 9th place at the league table and many experts have criticized Mourinho’s conservative tactics.

talkSPORT’s Jamie O’Hara claimed that Mourinho was having a hard time To get the most out of his players, suggesting that players like Veil and Ali are not being used properly.

But Neville feels that both veils and ants should be much more. Sky Sports experts aren’t happy with Veil’s attitude, saying Welshman “has hurt me all year long when he sees him smile on the bench.”

Similarly, Alli is struggling in regular matches this season. He was rarely featured in the Premier League and was deeply involved in the transfer to Paris Saint-Germain in the transfer window in January.

SL view

The situation at Alli is strange. The 24-year-old is a benevolent talent, but he has been unable to deliver in the last two seasons.

It’s very difficult to say the actual situation of Alli. Mourinho watches him in daily training, but he probably doesn’t feel that Alli is doing enough to play regular matches.

Bale moved from Real Madrid to Spurs in the summer.Welshman has cut frustrating numbers so far, but was impressed with Cameo’s role in Manchester City. Etihad last week.

Times journalist Matt Lawton The reason the veil is ignored is due to his fitness problems.

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Gary Neville: Tottenham’s duo should be doing more Gary Neville: Tottenham’s duo should be doing more

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