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Miami Gardens, Florida-May 6: Jake Paul puts his shoes on at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida during the media availability of the Mayweather battle on June 6 with Jake Paul’s brother Logan Paul. When solved, Floyd Mayweather reacts. (Photo by Cliff Hawkins / Getty Images)

Jake Paul He became a “gotcha hat” again.

Within 1 month until 44 years old Floyd Mayweather Fight Logan Paul so Exhibition match, He ended up in a quarrel at the event’s press conference. Who in the world could confuse Floyd Mayweather at the press conference? It is none other than Logan’s younger brother, Jake Paul.

Mayweather calls Paul Brothers “Fake Fighters”

At an event on Thursday, Mayweather called Logan and Jake “fake fighters,” and Jake said. 50-0 fighter.. As Jake approached, security jumped between the two. As the guards pulled the men apart, Paul robbed Mayweather’s white hat from his head. In junior high school fashion, Jake quickly ran away from the stage with it and cursed Mayweather all the time.

Late Thursday night, Mayweather talked athletics about the brawl. He said the event was triggered by what he thought was a contempt from Jake Paul. Mayweather said: “I don’t want to be despised,” he said. “You can’t keep touching me and look down on me.”

Mayweather hinted that stealing a hat might have been just a pre-fight hype. “Jake Paul wanted to pay attention, but he understood that, and so did I.” He said.

Gotcha Hat Social Media Trolling & Products

While Mayweather was talking to Athletic, Paul was busy trolling about stealing hats on social media. Antic began with an Instagram video showing that he had a “gotcha hat” tattoo on his lower leg. When this caused a ruckus, Paul took it a step further.

Shortly thereafter Jake Paul website Featured in the collection … What else? “Gotcha hat” hat. Subscribe to his e-mail newsletter to get 10% off the price of a $ 25 hat. Paul also has a sticker, hoodie, coffee mug and T-shirt with the “Gottcha Hat” logo on it.

Fans can buy a June 6th PPV match between Mayweather and Paul for $ 49.99. The event will be broadcast on Showtime.The undercard features a light heavyweight match between Jean Pascal And Badou Jack Middle weight fight between Jarrett Hurd And Luis Arias.. Chad Johnson, The former NFL Wide receiver, make him again Boxing debut At the event.

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Gatcha hat!Jake Paul takes Floyd Mayweather’s hat Gatcha hat!Jake Paul takes Floyd Mayweather’s hat

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