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GATX CEO Kenny will retire in April. EVP to take over him

Leadership in rail vehicle lenders GATX It will change next spring.

President and CEO Brian A. Kenny will retire on April 22, and the company announced Tuesday that GATX Executive Vice President and President of Rail North America will be replaced by Robert C. Lions.

Kenny is GATX’s (NYSE: GATX) Board of Directors until October 31 to ensure a smooth transition.

Lions led GATX’s largest business and served as Chief Financial Officer from 2004 to 2018. GATX’s Board of Directors appoints him, and at the 2022 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, the Board of Directors appoints Lions as Director.

“GATX is in a strong position today and Brian has demonstrated outstanding leadership in helping the company continue to succeed,” said James Dream, lead director of the board. “He carefully expanded his portfolio of assets through both organic and strategic acquisitions, enabling GATX to consistently generate industry-leading economic benefits. Brian continues across the company. Established the idea of ​​improvement and set industry standards for safety, quality and customer service. He also has the opportunity to expand for individuals of all backgrounds in GATX’s global business. Thanks to Brian’s leadership and vision, GATX has the best team in the business and is recognized as the global leader in full-service leasing of long-term assets …

“With the strong foundation established by Brian, the board is confident that Bob is the right leader to become the next CEO of GATX,” Reem continued. “The Board has carried out a cautious and thoughtful succession process with the support of Spencer Stuart, the world’s leading executive search and leadership consulting firm. Bob takes GATX to the next level of growth and excellence. Chosen for his strong business insights, operational skills, and vision needed to guide, Bob has been deeply involved in the formulation of the company’s strategy and has been the greatest business responsibility for over a decade. Both as a person and as a CFO, he has contributed significantly to the success of GATX. “

Leadership changes will be driven by rail vehicle lenders working with the broader rail industry to tackle expected rail volume recovery and supply chain challenges. Integrating technology and supply chain visibility is also an important issue.

“We are honored to be the CEO for the past 17 years and work with the industry’s most dedicated team,” said Kenny. “I am proud of everything we have achieved together and look forward to working with Bob and the Board to help GATX achieve an even higher level of success. Is an intimate partner with me, and his leadership, experience and vision are critical to advancing GATX as one of the world’s leading full-service lenders. “

Lions said: “With the GATX leadership team and all our colleagues, I build on Brian’s strong foundation and strategy to ensure that we continue to provide our customers with innovative and unrivaled service. With our dedication, we are excited about the future of GATX, which will grow our global business, run it safely, and bring strong results to all our members. “

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GATX CEO Kenny will retire in April. EVP to take over him GATX CEO Kenny will retire in April. EVP to take over him

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