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The following results are from a recent game changer wrestling event. The event took place on May 15, 2021 at Meet Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada, and was broadcast live on FITE TV.

Single match
Jack Cartwheel defeated Jimmy Lloyd.

Single match
Chris Dickinson defeats Bad Dude Tito.

Single match
Jordan Oliver defeated Ricky Marvin.

Single match
Lio Rush defeated Starboy Charlie.

6-person tag team match
The Second Gear Crew (Mans Warner, 1 Cold Manders & Matthew Justice) defeated Elieberfly, Dami and Lake, and Matt Vandaglyph.

Single match
SHLAK defeated Juicy Finau.

Intergender Singles Match
Effie defeated the Dark Shake.

Intergender Singles Match
Joey Janella defeated Ali Kutch.

GCW World Championship Match
Nick Gage (c) defeated AJ Gray. After the match, John Moxley confronted Nick Gage, and at the end of the show, the two quarreled between the spectators.
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GCW Results: Draft Day-Las Vegas, Nevada (5/15) GCW Results: Draft Day-Las Vegas, Nevada (5/15)

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