Gears 5 | Hivebusters DLC is now available!

that is, Gears 5: Hivebusters DLC It’s live now! Enjoy this early Gearsmouth gift as we know that expectations are killing us.

This DLC focuses on the origins of the Scorpio Squad – a venerable trio of Lani, Mack, and Keegan. Gears 5In escape mode, the story was extended with the Hive Busters comic series. This group of shabby soldiers was hired by Victor Hoffman for an unorthodox mission to eliminate swarms and change the war forever.

Set in Garangi Island, the adventure takes you through dangerous lava flows into dense jungles and across sandy beaches, fighting swarms and wakarts, and fighting deadly, never-before-seen predators. And to further enhance the action, each of the three heroes will use the ultimate ability from escape-yes, it’s some time of Lani’s sweet electro blade action.

Here are some other goodies you can enjoy with this extension:

  • Up to 3 co-op, split screen, or online
  • 210 16 new achievements to unlock gamer scores
  • This extension supports optimization for Gears 5 Xbox Series X | S. This includes reduced load times, quick resumes, variable refresh rates, and Series X 4K HDR Ultra visuals.

can get Gears 5: Hive Buster Today for free through Game Pass Ultimate or for $ 19.99 USD at the Microsoft Digital Store.

But that’s not all. Today, we released the title update. Gears 5.. You can read the full details here.

Check out the developer stream for a special launch day. Here, members of the development team participate when playing DLC, telling folklore, and sharing production stories.

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