Gears of War Mobile Spin-off Gear Pop! Shut down in 2021

Gears of War Mobile Spin-off Gears Pop! A multiplayer PvP battle arena style game! Will be shut down on April 26, 2021. Gears Pop developed by Fall Guys developer Mediatonic! “There’s a lot more to keep the game running besides keeping the server active. To keep the game running, it’s important to address issues, develop content, and provide support. Unfortunately. , This is no longer feasible. “Gears Pop! While the game is still running! Some of the most popular events are back, bounty rewards are increased, and legendary pin drop rates are increased. It was also mentioned that all in-app purchases will be disabled and will take effect immediately.

Refunds will be automatically issued for all purchases made 90 days prior to October 28, 2020. These purchases may take several weeks to be processed.

Gear pop! Unveiled at Microsoft’s E3 2018 press conference, the game world was amazed by the combination of Gears of War and Funko Pops. Released on mobile devices on August 22, 2019.Following this unfortunate announcement, for those looking for happier news about Gears of War, The Coalition has revealed that Gears 5’s Xbox Series X / S update comes with a new Game +. This is an option to place the Dave Bautista skin on Marcus Fenix ​​during the campaign. New voiceovers, multi-layer updates, visual upgrades, and a whole new story DLC later this year.

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