Gen.G and Bumble announce search for all-female VALORANT team, expanding “Team Bumble” partnership

Los Angeles, October 28, 2020 / PRNewswire / — Bumble, Women’s first social networking app, and global esports organization, Gen.GToday, we announced a search for all women’s VALORANT teams – expanding our existing “Team Bumble” partnership. First launched in 2019, Gen.G Empowered by Bumble (Team Bumble) established the creation of the first ever all-female professional Fortnite team to integrate the two brands to empower women in the gaming community. I did.

Gen.G’s Team Bumble Madison “Madiesun” Man

Gen.G and Bumble continue their common mission of creating and advocating a safer environment for women online where all esports athletes can succeed and connect with each other. The search for a new team will integrate Madison “Maddiesuun” Man, a key player on the Team Bumble Fortnite team who has transformed her skills into VALORANT.

“It’s great to see the women’s gaming scene evolving since we launched Team Bumble,” said Gen.G’s Madison “Maddiesuun” Mann. “As we discover new talent, we are moving towards an environment where female gamers are not treated separately, but are given the full opportunity to scrim and develop their skills. Team BumblePro I’m excited to have the opportunity to create with mentors in the next wave. “

Madison supports Gen.G’s extensive search to find creators, casters, and mentors to join the team bumble community, as well as the best female gamers to join the professional team.

“By expanding Team Bumble with all women’s VALORANT teams, we are focused on finding the best undeveloped women’s talents on the planet,” he said. Nate Stunts, Gen.G General Manager “Rapidly integrates into the North American scene, including scrims for or against the current roster. We are right to pave the fastest path for all players to succeed. We are committed to providing competitive tools. “

“Our mission at Bumble is to empower women around the world to take the first steps in every aspect of their lives,” he said. Julia Smith, Head of US Partnership at Bumble. “We are pleased to expand Team Bumble and continue to work with Gen.G to empower female gamers and create a safe and collaborative community for women to come together. New to Team Bumble. We are excited to welcome a women’s team and look forward to furthering our goal of achieving women’s fairness in our online space. “

VALORANT explodes in the scene June 2020 After a successful beta period that was almost attracted 3M Players around the world. Experts published by Riot Games predict that VALORANT could become the next esports title to be officially organized into the league over the next two years.

If you are interested in joining Team Bumble’s VALORANT team, please email us Includes gameplay clips and other relevant information.

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Gen.G and Bumble Announce Search for All-Women VALORANT Team, Expanding ‘Team Bumble’ Partnership

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