Gene Wilder pays homage to fans to celebrate his 88th birthday

Slow and wonderful Gene Wilder Fans are paying homage to the actor on social media as he should be here today to celebrate his 88th birthday. Indeed, Wilder has always been an unforgettable and unique actor for anyone who has seen one of his performances. Whether it dates back to the frequent collaborations between comedy legends Richard Pryor and Mel Brooks Willy Wonka & Chocolate Factory, Wilder is attracting fans all over the world.

Wilder’s name has recently begun to become a trend, as thousands of fans praise him on Twitter with compliment posts. It was touching by fans who wrote, “Gene Wilder will never be again. He was a national treasure. What a talent. It’s a wonderful, wonderful man who suffered so much unjust pain.” Tweet is included.

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“Gene Wilder. Man, he’s mine Willy WonkaAnother fan said, “He’s right about mischievous eyes. In that role, he had them. And he was funny. And he was part of so many childhoods. He I miss you. “

Includes amazing images of Wilder posing Oompa LoompaPosted by another fan: “Happy Birthday to Willy Wonka and the Best Candy Man as Fox and Legendary Performance: GENE WILDER! Willy Wonka & Chocolate Factory (1971), the most important painting. “

“Gene Wilder is one of my childhood touchstone actors,” another fan wrote. “I can’t count the laughter he gave me. Willy Wonka To Young Frankenstein To the wise brothers of Sherlock Holmes. happy Birthday To the legend. “

Recalling Wilder’s work with Richard Pryor, another wrote: [GOAT], happy Birthday! Have a great career from MazelTov to Gene Wilder! Willy Wonka is forever in our hearts and hearts! “

And inspired by Wilder to make the world a better place, another fan said, “Today is not just Friday, but today is Gene Wilder’s birthday! Today is living like him, Make someone laugh when you feel like it. Put on a collar and then squeeze out your life, but you choose to do so. “

Oddly, we’re only a few weeks from the 50th anniversary Willy Wonka & Chocolate Factory, This is one of Wilder’s most popular movies. In honor of that opportunity Fathom Events plans to return to some theaters of classic films, Not until August. The screening is part of this year’s selection of Fathom’s “TCM Big Screen Classic” lineup this year. Tickets are currently on sale.

Of course, you don’t have to wait to watch a movie to celebrate Wilder’s birthday today. Willy Wonka & Chocolate Factory I’m currently streaming on HBO Max.Whether it is or not, there are many other classics to choose from as well to help celebrate the opportunity Young Frankenstein, Brazing saddle, Silver streakOr something else. In any case, Happy Birthday to Gene Wilder’s Heaven! You can see more compliment posts on Twitter.

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Gene Wilder pays homage to fans to celebrate his 88th birthday

https://movieweb.com/gene-wilder-88th-birthday/ Gene Wilder pays homage to fans to celebrate his 88th birthday

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