Genesis Carbon 500 Ultra Blaze Mouse Pad Review

The mouse pad is even more convenient to use when using your PC, so it not only supports your wrist when playing games, but also allows your mouse to move smoothly. I had some in my time, I had your bare basic mats, the ones that had boobs on them to provide that extra support on your wrists And even used a card game mat with one of the characters from, and the game on it. None of them were what I was looking for personally, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, but overall they weren’t for me. Now I went to the Genesis Carbon 500 Ultra Blaze mousepad to see if this mousepad had what it needed to be a new desk guardian and if the mouse had the perfect surface to dance to.

First impression

When I received it on post-it, it was packed in a big box Book of Genesis We will also cover the items you ordered, so please pay attention to the reviews. I was surprised at first because I didn’t expect the package to be that big. The description said “Ultra Large”, but I didn’t think too much about it. Looking at the dimensions of the sides of the box, I was suddenly afraid that it was actually too big for my current desk, but fortunately it wasn’t and it fits snugly. It was wrapped in a box, and when I opened the lid, I could easily do it by simply sliding the pad. Then I spread the pad over the bed so I could see it before I put it on my desk. I really liked it and quickly realized that it had a non-slip rubber base on the underside of the pad. The top of the pad is smooth to the touch and I like the edge stitching. The black and red color scheme pops out and the checkered pattern looks subtle, but not very dominant and this was also a winner for me.

Mouse pad and me

So it’s time to make a lot of space for the Carbon Blaze pad and then put everything back on it. Currently my monitor, PlayStation 4, switches, keyboard and mouse are located on the pads. This means that, in reality, most of the design and pads are covered and almost invisible. That’s not a problem, but fortunately I didn’t see it, so the pad didn’t have a cool design. What you see is cool, and you get a slightly reddish design and a cool black finish, so you can live with it. When it comes to the visual aspects of things, I got some designs. It’s so soft and smooth, my mouse tracking on the pad is probably the best I’ve gotten from the previous ones. The keyboard is located well in the center of the pad, and there is also a magnetic wrist support attached to the bottom. There is a slight overhang in front of the desk, but fortunately you can avoid it. The distance between the edge of the desk and the pad is a few centimeters, but to be honest, it fits snugly on the desk and the bottom of the rubber base helps keep the mat in place. I’m very happy with the whole product and I must say that it’s probably my favorite mousepad I own. Its simple design adds to my overall game settings and makes my desk look a little better.It ’s a little better if you have some RGB lights like Genesis Boron 500 But my mouse, keyboard, desk, and tower all have flashing lights, so I can live without seeing them.

About the pad

For more information on this pad, follow the link provided to access. Book of Genesis Website ( However, here Carbon Blaze 500:

  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Edge stitch
  • Waterproofing
  • Smooth cloth surface
  • Super large size
  • Double size: No
  • Material: Fabric (top), rubber (bottom)
  • Color: red, black
  • Lighting: No
  • Height: 2.5 mm
  • Length: 450 mm
  • Length: 1100 mm


The· Genesis Carbon500 Ultra Blaze Mouse Pad It’s a decent mousepad and I’m very happy with it. Its simple design, edge stitching and non-slip rubber base make it perfect for gaming mousepads, perfect for anyone’s desk. The only thing I point out is to reserve space first to accommodate this huge thing. Of the pad. Although most of the pads are hidden, they are highly accurate when it comes to mouse motion tracking, providing a comfortable surface to put your wrist on during games or when using your computer for general purposes. .. This mousepad doesn’t surprise me, but I think it’s easy to explain when it comes to providing everything you need about a mousepad. That’s why I’m happy to offer the Carbon 500 Ultra. Blaze of 7 out of 10 points.

Can be purchased Genesis Carbon500 Ultra Blaze Mouse Pad Here € 28.69

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Genesis Carbon 500 Ultra Blaze Mouse Pad Review

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