Genesis Carbon 500 Ultra Wave Mouse Mat Review

Following many of the peripherals and devices from Book of Genesis, I came up with a mouse / desk mat that doesn’t fit into either category. With the ever-increasing number of full desk mat designs and orders, it’s not surprising to see something that can cover the entire computer table, but many have been using it for so long that they choose a simple mousepad. ..See if it’s a Genesis Carbon 500 Ultra Wave Desk Mat Book of Genesis Maintains the quality of other Genesis items.

The specifications are as follows:

  • Double-sided – No
  • Material-Fabric (top), rubber (bottom)
  • Color-gray, black
  • Lighting – No
  • Height – 2.5 mm
  • Width – 450 mm
  • Length – 1100 mm

First of all, the size and mat easily occupy 75% of my desk and can hold two monitors and two consoles. The mat is so large that it can hold not only a drink coaster, but also other items on your desk such as keys and notepads. It’s not designed to hold a monitor, but if your desk is small, it’s a good idea to look for a smaller mat, as having a monitor stand in the middle of the mat can cause tilting problems. To do.

I had no problems with slippage or grip when using the mat, but I can move the mouse smoothly while holding the keyboard firmly. I’ve attached the mic arm to the corner of the mat and fixed it to my desk, but I’ve never moved the mat on my desk, so I don’t need it at all. I wanted to force it to move, its special rubber, non-slip base definitely applies.

The surface of the mat is smooth and comfortable to the hand and can be easily cleaned with a whip to remove crumbs and dust. I have one complaint about the mat design. That is, the rim is sewn around the mat, as long-term use of the mouse can irritate the wrist. One of the design choices I’m grateful for is that, like other low-quality mats, the mat’s square-colored design has no dents or bumps and a uniform finish.

Aesthetically, Matt is neither too flashy nor too flashy. The number of powered mats with neon lights continues to grow, which is perfect for me. A simple fade from gray to black gives the mat a simple yet attractive look. Due to the lack of lighting and the dark design, it can be a drawback in some setups. However, many products have lights around the edges and buttons, so this mat makes a clear difference, which is also entirely preference-dependent.

At a price of about £ 25, Genesis Carbon 500 Ultra Wave Sitting at a good price compared to others of that size, some are cheaper, but they tend to be cheaper materials or designs. If you are an avid computer user, I recommend removing the irritation of the outer stitches on wrist rests like memory foam mats and bean bags. If the mat was about £ 5 cheaper, it’s an easy purchase. Introducing another item to resolve the stitches can impose this cost overrun on one of the disposable purchases of the game setup.

Overall, Carbon 500 Ultra Wave Along Book of Genesis Get 9/10. As far as I know, desk mats have few or no drawbacks, prices aren’t very competitive with other companies, they can be a bit cheaper to actually push up than other companies, and the outer lining loses a bit. The whole experience. Due to the large size of the mat, it is advisable to measure your desk in advance so that it fits comfortably on your desk.

This mouse mat is available for € 28.69

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Genesis Carbon 500 Ultra Wave Mouse Mat Review

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