Genesis Vanad 500 Mouse Bungy Review

Increasingly added to its stocking list as a Christmas barrel before all of us, peripherals are almost always on that list. Headsets, mice, keyboards, etc. dominate the more expensive aspects of the wishlist, pushing the newly released console away and becoming a fairly lean turkey at dinner.One such item that hits those lists may be new Vanad 500 Mouse bungee Along Book of Genesis.. A nice stand that you can put on your desk to increase your USB connections or extend troublesome mouse cable problems.

The specifications are as follows:

  • Number of USB Type A ports – 2
  • USB version – 2.0
  • Power – No
  • Active Hub – No
  • Data transfer rate – 0 – 480
  • Color-black
  • Power – USB-A
  • Cable length – 150 cm
  • Connector – USB Type-A
  • Supported Operating Systems – Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10, Linux, Android 4.2.2
  • Height – 128 mm
  • Width – 128 mm
  • Length – 253 mm

Starting from that size Vanado It’s a fairly tall technology that stretches to about half the height of a monitor, comparable to the height of my old standalone microphone. Due to its large size, it is not really a device to show on the display. Instead of moving sideways like all other desks, it blocks some views of your desk or monitor. Edible for notepad and console. Thankfully, apart from the height, it’s not too wide, so it fits snugly between the consoles and doesn’t get in the way.

Vanad can vary between an array of seven different colors while connected to a computer. Unfortunately, there is no onboard software to fine-tune these colors that you would normally find on a keyboard or mouse. Oddly enough, there is no way to turn off the color except by cutting Vanad itself. This is a tricky part of the design where the computer gives the person in the bedroom the effect of a nightlight.

Both the mouse cable arm and its underside Vanado Made of rubber, you can hold both the mouse and the table firmly. There was no problem with the movement on the desk, and it was very smooth to follow the movement of the mouse. With the headset on it, I didn’t have to worry about it tipping over or moving.

By adding two USB slots for the device, I was able to connect the mouse to one other device (the charging cable for the wireless headset). The port is only 2.0 USB and is gradually being replaced by 3.0 connections and some 4.0 connections, so it may eventually be upgraded from the design, but for now it works on most devices, so Personally, you don’t have to worry about that. .. However, if you have only two connections, you will not be able to run the entire set of devices. Having one connection that can hold a headset, keyboard, and mouse isn’t a dire requirement, but it does.

In my use Vanad 500There were no real complaints other than the height design, but it was chosen so that the headset could be left on top of it. Always-on colors were also an issue for the overall experience, but can be overcome by unplugging. Or it doesn’t matter if you have an office dedicated to setup.

Overall, I Vanad500 Mouse Bungee Along Book of Genesis 9/10. This is a handy kit not only to help reduce the wiring under your desk, but also to provide more lighting for use with your computer at night. Splitting into two USBs allows for additional connections to your PC and easy access to the USBs for use as a charging center. Due to its height, you will want to shift it to the side, and the constantly lit lights can cause problems with your bedroom setup.

If you are interested in this mouse bangle, click here to buy it for about £ 32.00 *.

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* Prices are based on December 14, 2020

Genesis Vanad 500 Mouse Bungie Review

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