Genesys Project: Revelation on Kickstarter and Expansion of Exodus Miniature Game

Genesys Games has two new sourcebooks on Kickstarter. Genesys project Miniature game.They are revelation And Exodus And they help you evolve your faction of creating yourself into a new generation and an era of play. Go to the campaign and check them out.

From the campaign:

Welcome to the Revelations and Exodus Kickstarter for the Genesys project. The Genesys project is a unique desktop miniature wargame that creates your own seeds and evolves factions to suit your story and style. Unlike other games where the factions created by a team of game designers are predetermined, the Genesys project allows you to manage the factions.

After the successful launch of the 2019 Genesys Project Core Rules and Birth of Genesys: 1st Age books, we are ready to take the next step in the evolution of the game – The Revelations of Genesys: 2nd Age and Exodus of Genesys: 3rd Age books.

Create your own factions for the age you want to play and advance them to future ages to create your own incredibly epic story.

The Genesys project is organized into a single core rulebook that covers the dynamics of all three ages. Each age has its own book with rules for building, customizing, and advancing factions.

Genesys Revelation: 2nd Age takes you over the modern conflict, the impending apocalypse, and the near future when war takes on a whole new meaning. Dive into modern / apocalyptic weapon customizations, design your own war vehicles, and fight through the era of war catechism. Note: You need a core rulebook to play the game.

Escape from Genesis: Third Age guides your faction into the distant future and expands outward into the abyss and the theater of the new war. Cybernetics, mechanics, robotics, and other conflict mechanisms occupy the highest positions. In the 3rd century, customization goes far beyond previous times, with new sources of energy for weapons, vehicles and mechanics creating new dangers and revealing new horizons. Note: You need a core rulebook to play the game.

The campaign is more than half funded and has 29 days left.


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