Genshin Impact Baal Boss Guide

Want to know how to defeat Baal with Genshin Impact?Genshin Impact Chapter 2 Focuses Lightning And its ruler, Baal, Electro Archon. KazuhaThe prologue of the story reveals that Baal and Sara Kujo have proclaimed a vision hunt in lightning and are tracking those who have gained the power of the gods.General Raiden is the main villain of Genshin Impact 2.0, With her trusted companion, Sarah.

If you think this battle will take you on a walk in the park with your high-level character, think again. There’s a reason why people with vision are so scared to confront her – Baal has the power to instantly shatter your team. This is the first time a traveler has been in serious danger after confronting one of the villains at Genshin Impact.If Toma The traveler, who wasn’t around to interrupt the fight, would have been killed.

To begin the battle with Baal, you need to reach Act II of Chapter II. The battle begins when the traveler reaches the ceremony and prevents Tohma from becoming another victim of Vision Hunt.

Baal Raiden Shogun Boss Battle

If you want to know how to defeat Baal with Genshin Impact, unfortunately you can’t win this boss battle. It shows how powerful Baal really is in the game... Baal will ease you in the first stages of combat and opt for slow sword attacks with a lot of activation time.It is recommended to bring the following characters Diluc also Gayu With you to do as much damage as possible during these slow attacks.

Occasionally, Baal retreats, recharges with electro, and pushes everyone away before attacking multiple areas of the battlefield. You can avoid this attack by moving away from the purple circle that appears on the floor. Baal charges the attack, but is vulnerable to ranged attacks, so don’t let him build this attack without getting a few hits.

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After somehow taking off a quarter of Baal’s health bar, the second phase of the boss battle begins. This is where things get very difficult as she enforces the Vision Hunt Decree and prevents all characters except travelers from using elemental skills and bursts. Baal is not affected by electro damage, so Electro Traveler, You can’t hurt her with your skills at all. This basically marks the end of the battle, as no matter what the Traveler’s elements are, they can’t do enough damage before the cutscene begins.

And that’s all you need to know to defeat Baal with Genshin Impact.If you can unlock Ayaka, Definitely give us Genshin Impact Sakura’s flowering place Read on to find the Ascension material you need to level her up.We also recommend Perpetual mechanical array A boss guide detailing how to defeat a giant pyromachine.According to the latest data mined leak, Baal is coming to the game later Yoimiya When Sayu In Next Genshin Impact Banner..

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