Genshin Impact Build: Mona The Divination Witch – Free To Play Guide

Composing a party for each situation can be a bit of challenge, especially with the limited options for those focusing on free-to-play, or are on a budget. So in this Genshin Impact Build: Mona Divination Witch Guide, we’re going to be taking a look at a party composition focusing on Mona. She was the first five star character I got in a free to play playthrough, after 76 wishes on the standard banner. Having a lone five star character, I wanted to build a new party around her, with four star characters. Mona‘s Hydro talents combo well with Pyro, so that will be the focus of this Mona Divination Witch build. It’s a high damage output party, for deep Spiral Abyss and endgame.

Genshin Impact Build: Mona The Divination Witch – Free To Play Guide

This build revolves around doing high damage through Pyro and Hydro elemental reactions, such as Vaporize. Vaporize scales with both Hydro and Pyro damage that causes it, allowing us to build both characters for damage. Especially with Mona‘s Talents being Hydro, Vaporize becomes 50% stronger when procced by Hydro. Then Elemental Mastery comes into play, adding another damage multiplier on top of that.

It combos well with Xiangling‘s Elemental Skill, and Bennett‘s Elemental Burst. If you build your party with both Pyro characters, you get a huge Attack bonus from Elemental Resonance. With these characters, Mona and a Fourth character with a different element, you’ll have a very strong offensive team.

Mona is a five star character, that might be elusive to chase. But if you are lucky and get her, you are in for a treat. She excels at both Co-Op and solo, and she can farm one of the best Domains for Artifacts is the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula. Which yields the perfect set for our Pyro heroes.

Mona the Divination Wizard Attributes

There are many ways to build Mona as main or support damage dealer, and she scales well with most stats. But we prioritize Hydro damage, Attack, Energy recharge, and Elemental Mastery, in that order.

Hydro damage is really scarce, with no Artifact set bonus dedicated to it. So we only get from Goblet main stat. However, Mona have a passive, Waterborne Destiny, that gives a bonus Hydro damage based on Energy Recharge. Its bonus’s only 20% from Energy Recharge value, but it still make her Elemental Burst comes up faster. It’s strong bonus on its own, and there are plenty of ways to get this stat, so keep it in mind.

Mona The Divination Wizard Weapon

Mona uses a Catalyst as a weapon. These weapons are magical in nature, and all their talents are elemental by default. If you roll enough wishes to get Mona, you will probably have some 4 star weapons by now. You will also be able to craft specific 4 star weapons for her, or buy one with Masterless Starglitter.

If you can get your hands on Wine and Song , it would be best used with Mona. This Catalyst gives additional attack, movement speed, and Energy Recharge. With the passives Mona has, Energy Recharge also increases Attack, so it’s overall an excellent weapon. Second to that is Royal Grimoire, which you can buy for 24 Masterless Starglitter in Paimon’s Bargains. 24 a is totally achievable amount with a 100% free to play playthrough, and the weapon has the highest base attack among all 4 star Catalysts. It’s better than the Battle Pass Catalyst, and with some patience, you can accumulate its price from merely playing and doing free wishes.

Crafting A Four Star Weapon


In case you have neither of the above Catalysts available, I recommend crafting Mappa Mare, a solid option for Mona. You need to farm weekly bosses, or buy Northlander Catalyst Prototype from the Souvenier Shop located in Monstadt and Liyue. You will need farm White Iron Chunks and Crystal Chunks, in order to craft the four star Catalyst at The Blacksmith. Mappa Mare is the cheapest and most accessible choice, and can do current endgame content just fine. Don’t underestimate it.

The Ultimate Weapon

That would be Skyward Atlas and only Skyward Atlas. A five star weapon that doesn’t currently have an increased rate chance in any of the current banners. You only get this if you are extremely lucky, or you have spent serious money. It’s not necessary for Mona to succeed, she’s a very strong character on her own. But if in future is becomes featured with increased rate drop in a weapon banner, and you have the Primogems to spend, you can try to get.

Mona The Divination Wizard Artifacts

Figuring out how to customize your Artifact sets is one of, if not the hardest part of making a Build in Genshin Impact as there are a lot of components involved, and generally takes a try or two before getting it right. In this section, I want to show you how I’ve set this up for maximum performance in this build.

The Exile Set

The Exile is typically a support set of Artifacts, but due to Waterborne Destiny, it can be used as an offensive option. The Energy recharge buffs Attack, and Mona’s Elemental Burst further increases all damage dealt by the entire party. So the higher the uptime of an Elemental Burst, the higher damage your party deals. The four piece bonus benefits all party members, and will make Spiral Abyss run much smoother. But you may also settle for two piece bonus sets, with another two piece set. You can also get away with Wanderer’s Troupe for Elemental Mastery, or Scholar for even more Energy Recharge for Mona, not the party.

Gambler Set

This choice is a very interesting one, especially with Sacrificial Fragments Catalyst, as it has Elemental Skill CD, resetting multiple times. Creating a version of the build with unlimited uses of Elemental Skill. The Gambler Set also buffs damage of the Elemental Skill, making it a premium damage source, with DoT and Elemental Reaction. It’s a very strong offensive Set, that turns Mona into a main damage dealer.

Gambler‘s Artifacts comes from farming the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern Domain after reaching AR35. So it would take some time to do so.

Noblesse Oblige

Now Noblesse Oblige is the best in slot Set if you plan on using Bennett to buff the party Attack score. The Four pieces bonus gives 20% Attack to all party members, including Bennett, who will in return give higher Attack damage buff with his Elemental Burst. This double dipping is a mechanic that can be exploited to do more than 100k damage, and even 500k damage in very specific scenarios and parties. It’s overall an amazing set for Mona whenever you have Bennett with her.

Flower of Life & Plume of Death

The main stat on these artifacts is predetermined, with Flower always giving a primary HP stat, and Plume always giving Attack. This makes it easier to get an Artifact with perfect stats on these two slots, because you only need worry about sub-stats (as in less variables). We want any combination of  % Attack, Energy Recharge, Flat Attack and Elemental Mastery on sub-stats here.

Note that three star Artifacts start with only one or two sub stats, and gain another stat every 4 levels when upgraded. Four star Artifacts start with two or three sub stats, so seek an Artifact with one or two good stats, upgrade to level 4 or level 8 and see how good is it. If you hit your desired stat, you can keep upgrading to the maximum level (12 for three stars, or 16 for 4 stars). Otherwise, hold on to it, and upgrade Artifacts in other slots until you get better Artifacts. You can use upgraded three star Artifacts to upgrade higher tier ones when you get them.

Sands of Eon

This timepiece is a more flexible Artifact, with the focus being on the main stat. It can roll different stats as main, and that’s why it’s harder to acquire the perfect pieces, but it also has a higher ceiling. We seek Energy Recharge, or % Attack main stat, then seek one or two good sub-stats. These are % Attack, % Energy Recharge, flat Attack, and Elemental Mastery.

Goblet of Enotherm

Goblets are the most important piece, because it can roll a Hydro damage bonus which is the best stat in this slot for Mona. % Attack being second, and we can use it, if we can’t get Hydro damage bonus on Goblet. Then Flat Attack% Energy Recharge, or Elemental Mastery for sub-stats.

Circlet of Logos

Same as the timepiece, Circlet can roll Energy Recharge, or % Attack as a main stat, both are good on this Mona build. So get % Energy Recharge on main stat, with one or two good sub-stats such as % Attack, Flat Attack, and Elemental Mastery.

Mona The Divination Wizard Talent Skills

Ripple of Fate

This attack sends a splash of water towards enemies from a distance. If Pyro is affecting enemies, the enemy will Vaporize, and take more damage. If Electro is affecting them instead, they will get Electro-Charged, suffering damage over time.

If you charge the attack, it deals AOE damage in a circle with enemies in the center. The best way to use it is in conjuration with Xiangling‘s Elemental Skill, and Bennett‘s Elemental Burst, to proc multiple Vaporize.

Don’t forget to use Mona’s normal attacks to bring down the elemental shield of Abyssal Mages enemy type. But don’t upgrade this talent after the second Ascension, because you don’t have enough talent materials. Your other talents are far more important.

Mirror Reflection of Doom

Mona‘s Elemental Skill stands very relevant with a 5-6 second duration, and 12 seconds cooldown. That means Mirror Reflection of Doom stays in the battlefield for 50% of time. It summons a phantom while taunting all enemies, constantly applying Wet status, and dealing Hydro damage over time. It also explodes at the end of the duration, dealing more Hydro damage. If used right, it can make all the difference to burst down all bosses and harder domains. Here’s how:

Use Mirror Reflection of Doom at the start of the fight, to taunt all enemies to it, giving you time to prepare other combos. Also use after Fischl‘s Elemental skill, these two skills will automatically Inflict Electro-Charged multiple times. Each time Fischl‘s passive Lightning Smite will also trigger, striking enemies again, and dealing even more damage. It’s an easy formula for success, if you build Fischl and Mona for damage. Same goes with Bennett‘s Elemental Burst, as he inflicts Pyro on all targets in a large area, and Mirror Reflection of Doom will proc Vaporize for massive damage.

Bennett‘s Elemental Burst inflicting Pyro passively, it guarantee Hydro will always proc the elemental reaction, not Pyro. This ensures that Vaporize do maximum damage. But I’d more careful with Xiangling‘s Elemental Skill , because the order of elements on enemy can be reserved easily (Hydro go before Pyro). This will give good damage, but not as fantastic as proccing Vaporize with Hydro.

If overwhelmed, you can hold the button assigned to Mirror Reflection of Doom, and Mona will channel her Elemental skill, moving backwards to escape danger, and leaving the Phantom in her place. This trick proves very useful against slimes or melee enemies in general.

Illusory Torrent

This is the most unique skill of Mona‘s, the one that makes her differ from every other character in game. The Dash ability, instead of sprinting, makes Mona turn into waves of water, moving faster, and uninterrupted by enemies. Also, Mona is able to move on water, and inflict Wet status on anything she touches. It provides a good exploration advantage and in battle.

Upon reaching level 40 and Ascending Mona for the second time, she gains a passive Come ‘n’ Get Me, Hag! This allows her to alternative sprint Illusory Torrent, to create smaller Mirror Reflection of Doom for 2 seconds. A perfect way to start a fight, without having a Mirror Reflection of Doom going into cooldown.

If you are the rare person who prefers normal Dash over Mona’s waves for navigation like me, just switch to another character to navigate with her. And make sure Mona is not the first character in party (the most left in party setup panel).

Stellaris Phantasm

Simply, one of best Elemental Bursts in entire game. It covers a huge area, and stops all actions of smaller enemies. It makes all enemies Wet, debuffs them, and causes them to take more damage for a duration. After the duration has expired, it explodes and deals huge damage with a massive multiplier that goes over 700% at the highest levels.

It’s very important to level this talent first and foremost, before any other talent in the entire party. It not only increases damage dealt by Mona’s Burst, but also increases the debuff effect and duration of enemies. This increases damage to the entire party by just leveling one talent. You will need books of “Resistance” to upgrade Mona’s talents, so focus on farming these. Also flower’s Nectars such as the Whopperflower Nectar, which drops from Whopperflower type enemies.

Stellaris Phantasm have a medium Energy cost of 60 Energy, but with Mona scaling Energy recharge it will be active often. Utilize it without hesitation, and combine it with other character’s Elemental skill or Elemental Burst, for maximum elemental reactions. If you use 4 pieces of The Exile Set, it will regenerate Energy for the entire party, increasing overall efficiency of the party as a whole.

Mona The Divination Wizard Party Composition

Genshin Impact has a unique playstyle that depends on switching characters, and chaining combos across these characters. So a solid part of Fischl’s build is knowing which characters will accompany her, and what roles they will play. In this section, I’ll fill you in on some of the best characters that synergise well with this build. I’ll only use Four Star characters here, to make sure it’s achievable for free to play players.


We had an increased chance to get Xiangling by using wishes on the “Venti Ballad” banner, while it lasted. We also have a guaranteed chance to get her by beating floor 3 in the Spiral Abyssal Event after reaching AR 20. So if you are a new player, you are guaranteed to have her. If you started earlier back in October or September, you will not only have her, but probably have unlocked several constellations for her.

In this party, we will build Xiangling for all out damage. She will be the main source for Pyro damage in our composition, and she must have high damage to proc the strongest Vaporize outcome. As we aim to cast Hydro over Pyro, and not the opposite, we gain little benefit from Elemental Mastery. So Xiangling will be there for damage, and damage alone. This prompts us to use a second Pyro character, for a massive 25% Attack bonus for all party members from Elemental Resonance.

Compared to other Pyro characters, Diluc deals more damage, if you were lucky and pulled him. However, Xiangling‘s damage persists after switching characters, giving you a better chance to proc Elemental reactions with her. So overall, she’s a very solid option in this build, even if you have a full cast of five star characters.


We need Pyro damage, flat and percentage Attack, Critical Rate, and Critical Damage. Also Energy Recharge if there’s any room for it. These are lots of stats to cover so we will give Xiangling best gear we can get. She gets priority even before Mona, and for a good reason. If her Pyro damage scores a high critical hit, it will count this high damage when calculating next Vaporize reaction, even if Hydro damage proccing it doesn’t crit. It’s a key knowledge for building very high damage with such budget or free to play party.

Nonetheless, Xiangling‘s damage from critical hits is solid on its own, so she can carry the second team in Spiral Abyss on her own. That’s why we invest heavily on her with no regret.


The three stars Halberd refined to rank 5 will do additional 320% damage with normal attack every 10 second. That is very huge bonus, and also this weapon scales pure Attack higher than any four star weapon, so it’s an appealing very cheap option. However, as we aim to get more damage from Xiangling, then we need to scale her Critical Rate and Critical Damage.

Blackcliff Pole can be bought from Paimon’s Bargains for 24 Masterless Starglitter. This Polearm gives massive critical damage bonus as it level up, but needs some investment in Critical Rate on Artifact to be more effective.

On other hand, Deathmatch is simply the best in slot if you have the Battle Pass weapons unlocked. At first glance, Deathmatch doesn’t seem like much, especially with limited access and difficulty refining it. But upon upgrade, you will realize how powerful is it. It has the highest Critical Rate bonus among all weapons in game, not just Polearms. With 33.5% Crit Rate versus 20.1% with five stars weapons such as Primordial Jade Winged-Spear at level 80. It also allows you to build all of Xiangling Artifacts into Attack, Pyro Bonus, and Critical Damage.


Use two pieces of Berserker and two pieces of Crimson Witch of Flames for most of the leveling. However, the end goal is to have four pieces of the Crimson Witch of Flames set. This set bonus is incredible on any Pyro damage dealer. Not only does it give two multipliers for damage, it scales with itself, increasing the multiplier the more times you use Xiangling‘s elemental skill. So it’s good to get as much Critical rate on the weapon, to free the Artifacts for pure Pyro damage multipliers.

Get Critical Damage on Circlet’s main stat, if you are using Deathmatch. Also get Critical Rate if you chose Blackcliff Pole instead. In all cases, make sure to have Pyro damage bonus as the main stat on Goblet. Then use Attack main stat on your Timepiece. For sub stats, get any combination of %Attack, flat Attack, Critical Rate, and Critical Damage. With priority on Critical Damage.


Our second Pyro character is none other than the unlucky adventurer, Bennett. He’s not a simple character, but let’s try to explain how to make the best of him.

First and foremost, we care only about Bennett‘s Elemental Burst, which creates an Inspiration Field. The Inspiration Field inflicts all enemies with Pyro, and interacts with characters depending on their percentage HP. If a character has less than 70% HP, it heals them with the amount based on Bennett‘s Max HP. If characters get their HP higher than 70%, they gain an Attack Buff, based on Bennett‘s Attack.

Thus, you can build Bennett for heal, full damage support, or a hybrid of both. In all cases, you need his Elemental Burst to refill quickly, so you need Energy Recharge on top of everything.

On top of that, his Elemental Skill can be charged to build up stages, with each stage changing the behavior of the Talent. But as a secondary Pyro character, we will not be paying much attention to his Elemental Skill, and focus more on Elemental Burst.

If you don’t have Bennett, or your party deals decent damage without Bennett, and you’re looking for a more defensive or a healer character, just use Noelle instead. She fills both roles, and she allows you to do more DPS by spending less time dodging and avoiding damage, with more time purely attacking. She can even pop her shields without being on field, so she can be great.


You need a mix of Attack, HP, and Energy Recharge, and only these, so don’t waste your equipment on other stats. You have to focus heavily on either HP or Attack on main stat on all Artifacts, and have the other only on sub stats, to be more effective.

Note that the first Constellation available for Bennett make the Attack bonus not dependent on HP. So you will have the Attack buff as long as Inspiration Field last (12 seconds), even on low HP while healing. So it’s beneficial to have at least some of both stats.



Bennett is likely the only character using a Sword in your party, so it might be easier to equip him. Use three stars weapon Skyrider Sword for starters, it will buff his Attack damage when he uses Elemental Burst, which is exactly what we need. You might hold on to this sword longer, because both craftable swords are not suitable for the role Bennett is playing in this build.

For Four stars, Favonius Sword is great for its Energy Recharge bonus, same goes for Sacrificial Sword. But you may also use The Alley Flash, The Flute, or Royal Longsword for buffing Attack damage.


If you don’t use Noblesse Oblige on Mona, use it on Bennett, and if you don’t use The Exile on Mona, use it on Bennett. The third option is Scholar, for even better Energy Recharge on Bennett, in addition to Mona and Fischl. Having both The Exile, and Scholar makes all Elemental Bursts ready on cooldown, and will become invaluable once you get used to it.

As Bennett lacks a sword with healing or HP bonus, we focus all main and sub stats on these two stats only. Get as much as you can, Bennett is a good character to put these five star Artifacts with HP bonus that no DPS character needs.


You had high probability of getting her through Venti’s temporary Wish banner, and you may have received a number of Constellations for her that way. The “Prinzessin der Verurteilung” as she calls herself, is a flexible and an easy to build character. She provides a very strong element, Electro, in a highly consistent rate. She can also build damage while playing supporting, so if you have her leveled from Fischl The Night Raven Build I previously introduced, you can easily switch her over for this build.


Electro Damage Bonus is a very nice damage boost, always get it wherever applicable. Then Build some Percentage and flat Attack, and for the purpose of this build, we also get some Elemental Mastery as her DPS will be a result of Elemental Reaction.



Unless you have a five star bow, look no further than Rust. The Stringless is also nice, if you don’t get your hands on Rust. or you don’t have either, craft a Prototype Crescent.


We use either Gambler 4 piece Set, or Thundering Fury 4 piece Set. Both reduce cooldown of Fischl‘s Elemental Skill, and increase its damage. Or use a mix of two pieces Thundering Fury and two pieces Wanderer’s Troupe. The hybrid build allow picking only best items you have from both sets.

For Main stats, get Electro Damage Bonus on Goblet, and then % Attack and/or Elemental Mastery on the two other pieces. Then flat Attack, and Elemental Mastery on sub stats. It’s a very simple build, but is effective.

Genshin Impact is available to play on PC, iOS, Android and PS4. If you enjoyed this Genshin Impact Guide be sure to check out more on our Genshin Impact Wiki. You can also keep an eye out for more guides for Genshin Impact in the upcoming weeks, and be sure to not miss our Genshin Impact Getting Started Guide, as well as our Fischl The Night Raven – Free To Play Guide.


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