Genshin Impact Child Boss Fight

You will fight many enemy bosses in Genshin ImpactHowever, child boss battles are one of the toughest boss battles you face in the game. However, this guide will give you the knowledge and best strategies to use when trying to defeat a child.

How to defeat the child boss battle Genshin Impact

When you start the boss battle, Child shoots you his bow and arrow. The best way to avoid these is simply to run around. After you dodge some shots fired at you, attack the child several times before he fires more arrows at you. If you are beaten, the child will mark you and attack you in another way. Just run around until he starts firing at you again.

Hitting the child a few times will change his attack pattern. Instead of shooting an arrow directly at you, he fires in the air and explodes the area. Keep running around the boss to avoid these arrows. He also summons whales to attack you. Do not go near him or the whale as the character will be damaged if you approach it.

To make it easier to avoid child attacks, we recommend using ranged attacks that can be used far away from the child. Continue this until his health is zero. This will start the second phase of the boss battle.

Second phase

The child switches from a bow and arrow to a sword. So his attack is different. When he comes to you with a sword, go back until he stops shaking towards you. The child also uses a spear-like attack to rush directly towards you. To avoid this, just dash from left to right each time he hurries you. If you are lucky, you should complete this phase without injury.

Phase 3

It is recommended to recover before reaching the third phase of the child boss battle. This time it’s a little harder to attack, but if you keep people around him and attack when he’s not moving, that should be fine. This can take some time.

After a while, his attack becomes more stationary. The child will attack you. That is, you have to move left or right to dodge the attack. He will also try to swing you a sword, so run away before you are beaten. After dodging the attack, you may get some melee attacks behind the child, but it’s still best to stick to ranged attacks.

There is another aerial arrow attack made by the child, but this time it covers the entire battle zone. To avoid this attack, just stand in the middle. There is a safe place to avoid hitting from above.

If you follow these tips, the child boss battle shouldn’t cause you much trouble. It’s all about learning patterns and avoiding attacks.If you like Genshin Impact If you want to know more about the game, check out some other useful guides.

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