Genshin Impact Dragon Spine Stone Tablet Location Guide

Genshin ImpactIn the latest update of, we’ve added Dragonspine, a huge snowy mountain full of new puzzles and treasures.

One of the biggest puzzles is hunting stone slabs scattered around the mountains. As you enter the cave near the seven statues of the mountain, you will notice one tablet that Paimon points out to you. When you interact with it, she will wonder if there are more around the mountain — and there!

Below we use the stars to mark where each tablet to activate can be found. Keep in mind that most tablets have other puzzles and monsters waiting for you. Once you have a character that uses Pyro, you should be able to defeat them all very easily.

Graphic: Julia Lee / Polygon | Image Source: Mihoyo

One of the tablets is locked behind the door and requires three treasures to open. Marked the following three treasure locations: Be prepared, as you will have to leave the flowers in the grave in one place and fight three Abyss Mage in a time trial in another.

A map of the dragon spine with stars showing where to find the three treasures to open the gate

Graphic: Julia Lee / Polygon | Image Source: Mihoyo

If you activate all tablets, you will be able to activate the mechanism and open the last door, and you will receive a lot of goodies. Also, use the Pyro character to illuminate the four torches in the corner of the room. When run, the cutscene will play and the 4-star claymore Snow-Tomed Starsilver will spawn in the middle to shoot.

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