Genshin Impact gets the first map expansion since its launch this month • .net

Genshin Impact is getting a new update this month that adds the game’s first map extension, developer miHoYo announced.

The 1.2 update, released on December 23, 2020 for all versions of action RPGs that can be downloaded for free, is called The Chalk Prince and the Dragon. The trailer is as follows.

The new map area, called Dragon Spine, is a frozen mountain range south of Mondostadt. Expect recipes for unique creatures, lost ancient civilizations, and multiple 4-star weapons.

There are also new weather mechanics via the Sheer Cold Bar. This means you need to stay warm in combat and exploration. Chalk Prince and Dragon are the names of new seasonal events at Dragon Spine.

Here is the official blurb:

“Travelers join Albedo, a genius alchemist and captain of the Knights of Favonius research team in Mondostadt, to investigate a mysterious sword known as the Festering Desire. At a seasonal event. By participating, players will not only get and refine themselves completely. They will redeem a wealth of rewards from event shops, including the Crown of Insight, as well as Festering Desire. “

Two new 5-star characters, Albedo and Gagne, have been added as playable characters. The information is as follows:

“Albedo, featured in the next Chalk Prince and Dragon quest line, is a young and legendary genius alchemist in Mondostadt, wielding the power of the sword and geo. Ganyu acts as a messenger, half. A half-skilled human silo shooter. Liyue Qixing’s secretary. “

Genshin Impact enjoyed the “global launch of the largest Chinese game ever” released in September. But it’s not without controversy. In October, the game was found to censor many words, including Taiwan and Hong Kong. And in November, it seems that the website of Genshin Impact leaked the phone numbers of some players.


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