Genshin Impact in the Mountains Quest Guide

One of the early quests for Genshin Impact 1.2 is called In the Mountains. Check out this Genshin Impact In The Mountains Guide and get through without any problems. In this way, you can return to exploring new areas without interruption.

Genshin Impact in the Mountains Quest Guide

Now, the first thing you want to do is go to the markers on the map. There are large ice crystals that cannot be destroyed by fire or melee attacks. You need to run around the outside of the ice crystals to find the four red veins, which are easy to find. If you break them, this will weaken the ice. Three are at low levels, the last one is slightly above and is protected by two shamans. If you have a small red glow around your character, it’s a good idea to hit the crystal.

Go back to the ice and break it to move on to the next part of the quest. When you try to reach the summit, you will be blocked by the cold air. Return to the camp and talk to the quest provider to get the next part of the quest. Next, we need to find two more large ice cubes. Now head to Starglow Cave on the map and move to the bottom.

Thaw the debris and influence the original god

Two things you need to do here. First, you have to overcome the challenge. This is very annoying as it always freezes. Keep your body warm with the spirits that float in flames. This breaks the shield around the ice crystals, so if you break the red ore you can hit it. This must be done one at a time. Break the ore, hit the crystal, and repeat a total of 4 times. There are two on one side and two on the other side of the ice crystal. One of them is hiding behind some rocks that can be broken, so it attacks rocks that appear to be broken.

Next is on the map.

Genshin Impact 2 to thaw debris

At the top you need a silo man and you have to follow the spirit of fire. Please note that this is the order required to illuminate the elemental stations with the cryo. After activating them all, there is a fight with the guardians of the area and when you win the icebreaker. Below is the last ice crystal. Three red ores are out in the open to break and bring them home. Again, run one at a time to make sure the freezebar isn’t full or counted.

The last one is in a locked cage. To open the door, you need to return the two Fire Spirits to the statue. If you miss it, you can use everything and gliding to give something near the ice. The second is on the ceiling near the barrier in the area. You need it to walk, and it allows you to escort it home and it will fall. Grab the chest, break the last ore and bust the crystal. From there, warp back to Entombed City waypoints and climb to the top for your final challenge. You have to break three more crystals.

Climbing around the pillars, the first red ore is fairly easy to find. Next, you need to jump near the crystals and climb the broken platform to destroy the ice crystals with red ore.

Red ore 2 Genshin Impact

The second is here, protected by a mini boss. Break it and grab the crystal again and slide it into the floating platform.

Red ore 3 Genshin Impact

The last one is here and you’ll need a wind character to get it. Follow the ring on the other side, kill the bad guys, grab the ore and slide down to the last crystal. Follow it to the pillar and return to the iris for your reward.

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