Genshin Impact is reported to have made a huge amount of money on mobile

Genshin Impact is one of the biggest games of 2020, both in terms of spending and impact. The titles that have won the highest honors on Google Play and Apple’s Game of the Year list are reported to have brought huge amounts of money every day since their release.

According to their statistics, Genshin Impact has brought $ 393 million since its launch on September 28, according to Sensor Tower, which tracks mobile spending and engagement. This averages over $ 6 million daily. Despite being released later this year, it is reportedly the second-highest-selling mobile game of the year, after Honor of Kings ($ 467 million).

It is said that $ 120 million of this revenue comes from China and $ 98 million comes from Japan. Please note that these numbers may not be as they are based on SensorTower’s estimates, not the exact numbers published by developer miHoYo. correct Numbers.

These numbers only describe the mobile version of the game. Iterating Genshin Impact on PC and PS4 / PS5 can also be very beneficial.

Genshin Impact is a gacha game, so it is profitable with microtransactions. If you haven’t played yet and are worried about your game’s monetization model, you can read the full breakdown of how GameSpot works.

Genshin Impact won 7/10 in GameSpot reviews. “There’s a lot to do, but gateing off some chunks of Genshin Impact until you reach a higher rank is a nasty limitation for open world games-and eventually into those unexplored territories. Seeing what’s there is often a bit overwhelming, “writes reviewer Heidi Kemps.

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