Genshin Impact: New characters and events added by expanding the Dragon Spine map

Dragon Spine, the first new map addition for Genshin Impact, will be added to the free game on December 23, 2020 with a version 1.2 update called Chalk Prince and Dragon. As revealed on the PlayStation.Blog, Dragonspine is a frozen mountain range south of Monstadt, “one of Teyvat’s most inhabitable areas.” In addition, the Dragon Spine, revealed earlier this year, holds the remains of the poisonous dragon, Durin, who fell here after the battle with Dvarin.

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As players enter the Dragon Spine, they will notice the addition of a sheer cold bar that rises when exposed to the cold without a heat source. When the bar is full, you will be damaged. The only way to fight Sheer Cold is to use waypoints, lit torches, cooking pots, and Sealy. Scarlet Quartz can also temporarily fight Sheer Cold. All travelers with Adventure Rank 20 and above can also participate in a special winter event where players support the new 5-star character Albedo, the chief alchemist and captain of the Knights of Favonius research team in Monstadt. I will. Upon completion, the player will hold a mysterious and powerful sword called the Festering Desire. Ganyu is another new character added in version 1.2, a half-human, half-skilled Cyro archer who is Liyue Qixing’s messenger and secretary.

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Following this update, version 1.3 will arrive in February 2021 and will add a LanternRite event. For more information, check out the Genshin Impact review and how the developers behind the game want to tell a story that spans years.

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