Genshin Impact Next Banner Announcement Hu Tao

Mihoyo has announced Hu Tao, the next banner character for online action, the RPG Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Next Banner Announcement Hu Tao

HuTao will be the next character Genshin Impact At 18:00 on March 2nd, depending on server time. The Hu Tao banner will continue until 14:59 on March 16th. The banner joins version 1.3. Of the All That Glitters event

Hu Tao will join the Moment of Blood banner as a featured 5-star character. As usual, this time we will also improve the drop rate of 4 stars for Xiangling, Xingqui and Chonyun.

Both Xingqui and Chonyun were featured in previous banners, and Xiangling is currently part of the 4-star free character you can choose from (after completing the requirements). But those who are chasing the fiery Hu Tao may find this banner worthwhile for some time. If you want Hu Tao, be sure to attend the current Ley Line event. Get twice as much leveling mat as you need, or up to three moras from Ley Lines per day.

The Weapon Banner Epitome Invocation also includes the Staff of Homa, Hu Tao’s weapon. This may be worth it if you plan to get this character’s polearm.

There was also an announcement of the next story quest called Papilo Charontis. This quest will introduce HuTao at 18:00 server time on March 2nd, but you must have Adventure Rank 40 or higher to access it.

For the next upcoming Genshin Impact, version 1.4 may be streamed shortly, and the game may receive a native PS5 version in the future.

If you’re just getting started, be sure to check out the Genshin Impact Primer Guide. Be sure to visit the Genshin Impact wiki for the latest information.

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