Genshin Impact shows off a huge mountainous area with a new trailer

Genshin Impact has gained a lot of support by playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild formula for free, and is even greater in version 1.2. The latest content update adds a new mountainous area called Dragon Spire, full of dangerous enemies and frigid colds.

It is said that the mountains are snowing more and more and will not melt. In the trailer, you can see the hero confront a powerful ice monster. Some of them are similar to Yeti. The mountain lies in the southern part of Mondostadt, and as you enter the frigid canyon, you will soon find a cave filled with pulsating spheres that appear to be biologically connected to the mountain itself.

The update introduces two new characters, Albedo and Gagne. The former relies on sword attacks and shoots enemies with powerful range attacks, while the latter is a powerful and deceptive magical user. There are also new weapons and new story quests for each region, so it’s a great time to come back if you take a break.

Genshin Impact is currently available for free on PC, Android, iOS, and PS4, and Nintendo Switch and PS5 versions will be available in the future. Defeating things like PUBG Mobile and Pokemon Go, they make more money every day than most other mobile games. It’s also one of the most successful games to date from Chinese developers, and continuous content updates should help maintain player involvement over the coming months or years. ..

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