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Genshin Impact It’s pretty unique in that all enemies are important. If you want to gain experience with all your characters, you need to find and destroy them all. One of the important enemies is Skirmisher. These units drop insignia that are very important for augmentation. However, it can be difficult to find and grind them. That’s why we found the Squamisher and pointed it out to you!

Where to find skirmishes Genshin Impact

To smash Skirmishers, you need to head to several different important locations. These are the Luhua Pool (down the waypoint road), the Lingju Pass (entering the pits), the Dadaupa Gorge (west and east), and the Tianqui Valley (west of the waypoint). You can have a small number of skirmishes from each of these waypoints.

Skirmishes have drop insignia (recruit insignia, sergeant insignia, lieutenant insignia). The higher the level, the more low-level drops you have and the more likely you are to get better drops. Cultivating these will give you upgrade pieces for Diluc, Ningguang and Tartaglia.

To fully upgrade any of these units from Ascension 0 to Maximum Ascension, you will need the following amounts, respectively: 18 Recruit Insignia, 30 Sergeant Insignia, and 36 Deputy Insignia.It is more convenient to cultivate these people at a higher level so that they can get more of the parts they need. More of.

In addition, these insignia allow you to upgrade your weapons. All insignia upgrade weapons in the same group. Unfortunately, they all just upgrade the 5-star weapon Primordial Jade Winged-Spear. At least the material for upgrading the Prototype Rankol!

Upgrading your weapon to maximum ascension will increase the cost based on the stars, unlike ascending characters. If you only have 3 or 4 star weapons, you will have much less insignia for all three types, resulting in less agriculture.

Whether it’s a character or a weapon, you’ll need to spin a few spawn points to get all the skirmishes you need for ascension. That’s good! Each gives a fair amount of insignia based on level, so even if you want to get the most out of your character, it shouldn’t take long.

Genshin Impact Skirmisher Locations | Where to Find

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