Genshin Impact Update 1.1.New star approach starts on November 11th

MIhoyo, the developer of the popular online action RPG Genshin Impact, has announced that it will receive the next major update 1.1. Called the New Star Approach on November 11th.

Genshin Impact Update 1.1.New star approach starts on November 11th

Today, miHoyo announced the next update Genshin Impact Version 1.1. On November 11th, an update titled A New Star Approaches will be available on PC, Android, iOS and Playstation 4. Genshin Impact will also be released on PS5 with backward compatibility with improved graphics and faster loading times.

Update also introduces new letter To collect, in addition to the first season event Unreconciled Stars, there is a new reputation system. Read all the details!

New character

Update 1.1. New Star Approaches adds many new quests to the game, including the grand finale of the main story of the Liyue chapter. But that’s not all. Two new characters, Childe and Zhongli, already introduced in the main story of the game, will be added. Child is a hydro-archer that can switch between close quarters and long-range combat, and the Geo element Zhongli has polearms, AOE damage, strong defenses, and even petrification of enemies. I will. There are also two additional 4-star characters, Xinyan and Diona, adding additional ways to diversify your party with some combos and strategies.

First Seasonal Event-Unreconciled Stars

The first seasonal event is also ver. Will be released at. 1.1. Called Unreconciled Stars, players have to fight the horrific catastrophe that affects Teyvat.The event lasts for two weeks and players will need to complete a series of new quests, co-op challenges and earn some new rewards, including a 4-star character. Fisher.. This sounds similar to how you earned Xiangling from the Abyssal Event Challenge. So if you haven’t got Fischl yet, or if you want to duplicate the constellations further, this is the best way to go.

Reputation system

One of the major changes is the introduction of a “reputation” system. This allows travelers to build a reputation and earn rewards in their respective regions. It also allows for new regional items and customizations. There are also new tools, portable waypoints, portable stoves, treasure compasses, and oculus resonance stones. All of these help you explore, survive and fight the world.

change point

Earlier, miHoyo came from a recent study announcing some changes to the game, including increasing the original resin cap from 120 to 160, adding keybinding options, and adding filters for artifacts. We shared the answers to the player feedback. These additions will also be provided in the next update. The second major later this year is Update 1.2. Will be released on December 23rd, adding new areas Dragonspine and new events.

Check out the update announcement trailer below:

Genshin Impact Currently available for PC, iOS, Android and PS4. We play games on a regular basis, so don’t forget to stop by the Fextralife Twitch channel.

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