Genshin Impact Update “Nova Approach” released on November 11th

The latest chapter of miHoYo’s free-to-play open-world action RPG “Genshin Impact”, “Nova Approach,” will debut on November 11, 2020.

This update adds several new quests, including the finale of the Liyue chapter in the main storyline.

The new city-by-city “reputation” system will debut in this update. This allows travelers to build their reputation, unlock rewards and find new, regional items and customizations. Includes tools such as portable waypoints, portable stoves, treasure compasses, and oculus resonance stones to help players travel through Teyvat.

Four new playable characters will also debut, including the five-star Childe and Zhongli. A hydro-archer, the child can switch between long-range combat mode and close quarters combat mode during each battle. Zhongli, on the other hand, is a Geo polearm user with strong defenses and the ability to remove large amounts of AoE damage. Zhongli also has the ability to petrify enemies. The four-star characters Xinyan and Diona also offer players the opportunity to further diversify their parties.

Version 1.1 will also host Unreconciled Stars, Genshin Impact’s first seasonal event. In this two-week event, we’ll leave it up to players to fight the catastrophe that plagues Teyvat. It also includes new quests, co-op challenges and rewards (including the 4-star character Fischl).

See details in the trailer below (provided by IGN):

Genshin Impact-Version 1.1 Announcement Trailer

Updates will be available for PlayStation 4, PC, and Android / iOS devices. You can read the base game review here (given 85/100).

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