Genshin Impact website seems to have leaked some player’s phone numbers •

“I tested it myself and was able to see the entire phone number without censorship.”

The highly successful Genshin Impact developer has reportedly leaked personal data from some players, including uncensored personal phone numbers linked to Genshin accounts.

As Vice discovered, players have been reporting for weeks that they were able to find the player’s phone number by searching for their username on the official website via a password recovery system.

“At that time I tried some random usernames [from the Genshin Impact subreddit], And I could see their numbers, “Reddit user skydtlee told Vice.

“I tested it myself and was able to see the entire phone number without censorship,” confirmed another player, Maitie S.

“If you visit the miHoYo account website, forget your password, and then enter your username, your email will be partially censored, but if you link your mobile number, it will not be censored at all.” Another Reddit commenter added. 6 days ago.

Still, MiHoYo hasn’t publicly commented on the security breach, and while the number of affected players is unknown, some report that the issue seems to have been quietly resolved.

Genshin Impact got its first big update last week. As Wes reported at the time, the 1.1 update (called A New Star Approaches) was released on PC, Android, iOS and PlayStation 4 on November 11, 2020, with new stories, characters, seasonal events and reputation systems. Added to Breakout An open world action RPG that you can play for free.

Meanwhile, miHoYo has confirmed that Genshin Impact can be played on PlayStation 5 via backward compatibility by “improving graphics” and shortening loading time.

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