Genshin Impact Zonri appears as a playable character this week

When the Unreconciled Stars event is over and the Tartaglia event banner is over, Genshin Impact is trying to remove the rest of the new content patched in Update 1.1, including a new quest and two new characters. Zhongli, a five-star character that players know as much of the game’s main story in Chapter 1, gets his own featured event banner called the “Gentry of Hermitage.”

The new banner features Zhongli as the main 5-star character. This means players have more opportunities to add Zhongli to the roster. However, unlucky players must make at least 180 wishes before being guaranteed to draw Zhongli. Like other 5-star banners, players can spend hundreds of dollars getting their character through Genshin Impact’s gacha system.

The banner also includes the four-star Pyro character Xinyan, a claymore-wielding Liyue rock star. In addition to new characters, players also have more chances to draw razors and cheongyun.

The new update also adds a chapter on Zhongli’s story quest, Historia Antiqua. The quest can be unlocked with the story key of a player with AR40 or above who has completed the main quest line in Chapter 1: Act 3. The new banner event will also add a new daily login event to add rewards and a character trial challenge for each featured character.

Zhongli is the long-awaited addition to the character roster as the first five-star Geo user in the game, and is the second polearm-wielding character to be added after Xiangling. His attacks include a unique “petrification” ability that freezes enemies with stones and makes them more susceptible to additional damage.

Wishes for the new event will begin on December 1st and will continue until December 22nd, the day before Genshin Impact Update 1.2 is set to add content and dragon spine areas in the mountains.

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