Gentefied will be cancelling the first Netflix series in 2022

Netflix Latino Comedy Drama Gentefied It’s the latest series to be canceled by the streamer two seasons later.Produced by America Ferrera, JJ Soria and Carlos Santos starred in the second season premiered last November, but Netflix unplugs the highly rated show as it hasn’t made it to the platform’s top 10 charts in the last three months. I decided that.Following the lives of three Mexican-American cousins ​​trying to confront gentrification, family separation, babies, borders and prevent grandfather’s taco shop from going out of business, the show’s first season of 2020 The year’s debut received high criticism at Rotten Tomatoes, but it couldn’t bring high viewership through its new episode, so it eventually ended, as reported earlier today. Led to deadline.

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in the meantime Netflix I’ve been trying to add to the Latin and Hispanic talent pools, but after unplugging, they seem to be looking for another addition to the lineup. Gentefied..The show couldn’t make an impact in last year’s huge number of popular offerings, including: Squid game, Bridgerton When The witcher, Netflix has been criticized again by some subscribers for the number of shows that have passed one or two seasons. However, in Streamer’s defense, the 60% update rate for script programs over two seasons is about the same as HBO and CBS, with scores of 68% and 70%, respectively.

Gentefied beat the critics, but eventually failed the audience.


when Gentefied First released on Netflix in February 2020, the series seems to have started its victory with a 92% rating from 24 reviews and an immediate high rating from critics. Overall, the consensus was: GentefiedA gentrification-centric approach to the reality of gentrification is as surprisingly personal as it is cheerfully related. The series was praised for having a “unique and solid” voice, and added that the Spanish and English aspects of the story could be focused separately and consistently with each other. Received praise.

The second season improved critics’ scores and earned a 100% rating, but with just five reviews, we can tell our own story about why the show wasn’t updated in the third season. I did. The world of streaming isn’t as simple as network TV, and subscribers can choose when and where to watch shows and movies. Therefore, it is a difficult choice, based on the number of viewers, usually over 30 days, based on cost considerations and critics’ scores on which shows perform well and which do not.

Gentefied Last month, it was selected by Netflix as one of the less likely shows to watch 2022 and turned out to be the first victim of the year on the platform.Other titles that can’t make a big impact and face an uncertain future include zombie thrillers. Black summer, Award-winning Master of Zero When On the cuckoo’s nest Spin-off series RatchedWe’ve been waiting for the second season of the green light for a long time already, but now that the cast is being restrained elsewhere, we may not be able to see it.

That's why Netflix cancels more TV shows than anyone else
That’s why Netflix cancels more TV shows than anyone else

Netflix executives explain why many of the new TV series are often canceled.

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Gentefied will be cancelling the first Netflix series in 2022

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