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In an interview with LOVE Wrestling, Gentleman Jarvis talked about the possibility of participating in IMPACT. This is what he had to say:

Oh, I’m glad to join them today. You know, I’m a big fan of Rascalts. I’ve actually been to their wooden house once and I almost fell. Actually, I was with Taya Valkyrie last week. She is one of my favorite wrestlers and my friend. As you know, I have a lot of mutual contacts there. Believe it or not, this week has plagued Jimmy Jacobs. As you know, I called him for advice. “Hey, you know, this is where I am, because he spent a lot of time helping me and giving me advice in my early days. I’m probably at this point. , Probably sent 8-9 emails to Scott D’Amore in IMPACT. Booked for an IMPACT match at the end of August 2019. David Marquez actually helped with the setup. United Wrestling Network And we were like a joint show, so I played there, and they gave me my music and they put up a video for me, And I got a lot of positive feedback.

So maybe I thought it would lead you to something more with IMPACT. I sent an email and a video after the fact, but I didn’t get any reply. So my goal in that is to keep pushing, I’ll keep asking, and maybe I won’t publish about it, because you do it first and it’s a positive reaction And you get on their radar, and they can really see you It’s great. But when they were already looking at you and trying to publish it again, it might seem a little desperate, and sometimes it looked a bit desperate because I was desperate. For work, I want to work, I want to wrestle wherever I can. I want to fight all over the world. And I want to show everyone that I’m not kidding. Sometimes I pay homage to professional wrestling while making jokes and joking, so I want to change the situation. I think I was able to do that impact wrestling.

Credit: LOVE wrestling. H / T 411 Mania.

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Gentleman Jarvis about the possibility of participating in IMPACT Gentleman Jarvis about the possibility of participating in IMPACT

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