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GEODIS partners with AHS to implement Exotec Robotic Solution to optimize e-commerce fulfillment

September 15, 2021, Nashville, TN, GEODIS, the world’s leading transportation and logistics provider, and Advanced Handling Systems (AHS, LLC), a full-service provider of integrated fulfillment and distribution solutions, today Announced a new partnership to implement. Introduced the Exotec Skypod system to GEODIS’ eLogistics site in Nashville, Tennessee. State-of-the-art robotic systems allow GEODIS to optimize its e-commerce fulfillment process on behalf of emerging direct sales customers.

GEODIS recently announced an expansion of its eLogistics service in the United States, providing startup and growing e-commerce retailers with best-in-class e-commerce fulfillment solutions from four new strategic GEODIS eLogistics locations. GEODIS has partnered with AHS to integrate the Exotec Skypod System into GEODIS’ state-of-the-art automated eLogistics facility. The facility will be operational in the first quarter of 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee. The Exotec Skypod System is a personalized solution for the retail and e-commerce industry that enables efficient, high-density inventory storage with mobile robots that can move in three dimensions and reach 36 feet in height. This is the first system to be used.

“ELogistics is an important strategic initiative for us, and collaboration with AHS’s long-term partners in new technology with Exotec will win our exciting new product formula,” said GEODIS’Technology and Engineering Executive. Vice President Eric Douglas said. In the Americas. “By implementing the Exotec Skypod system on the GEODIS eLogistics site, we can provide our customers with a faster delivery experience as e-commerce continues to drive demand.”

Exotec has revolutionized the fulfillment industry in Europe and Japan and continues to increase its presence in the US market with the recent adoption of Skypod systems by customers such as Gap Inc., Ariat International and Comoto Holdings. Exotec Skypod uses laser scanner navigation and robust software to improve warehouse throughput by up to 5x with response times for all SKUs in 2 minutes. The system is designed to improve working conditions and promote more sustainable warehouse productivity by reducing repetitive, physically intensive work such as walking, lifting and bending. increase.

“The growing importance of e-commerce hockey sticks and supply chain resilience continues to be a major boost to scalable robotic solutions like Exotec,” said Romain Moulin, CEO of Exotec. “We are pleased to work with AHS and GEODIS to better meet the needs of the rapidly evolving North American market.”

“AHS has been working with GEODIS for several years to form a strategic partnership to provide breakthrough solutions that support the company with best-in-class products,” said Chuck Frank, president of AHS. I am. “The AHS team is committed to staying on the cutting edge of technology and gaining market share by investing in training, deployment and post-operation support for the latest technology. Exotec is committed to AHS A good strategic partner and excited about the more successful installation of the Exotec solution. AHS is excited to be part of GEODIS’ eLogistics service and is working with the team to take technology to a new level. I’m blessing you. “

AHS, the leading integrator of Exotec solutions in North America, will complete the installation of the system at GEODIS’ eLogistics facility under the guidance of the Exotec executive team. AHS and GEODIS have helped design the construction build of the GEODIS eLogistics site to make it easy to scale. In the future, we plan to double the initial size.

“With the significant increase in direct-to-consumer e-commerce brands today, GEODIS is committed to providing state-of-the-art technology solutions that best meet the unique needs of our customers when it comes to enabling fast and flexible operations. Drew Bailey, Senior Director of Design Engineering at GEODIS in the Americas, said: “Thanks to the integration of the Exotec Skypod System, efficient, scalable and responsive product-to-personal technology. , We can further optimize the e-commerce fulfillment process on your behalf. “

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GEODIS is the world’s leading transportation and logistics service provider, recognized for its commitment to helping clients overcome logistics constraints. GEODIS’growth-focused products (supply chain optimization, freight, contract logistics, distribution and express, and road transport) have a true global reach thanks to a global network spanning nearly 170 countries. Combined with this, it will be the top business ranking. 7th in France and the world. In 2020, GEODIS will employ more than 41,000 people worldwide and generate sales of € 8.4 billion.

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AHS is a full service provider of integrated fulfillment and distribution solutions within the supply chain. For over 45 years, AHS has combined the power of creative design with the strategic choices of equipment and robotics manufacturers to create best-in-class fulfillment and distribution solutions for a variety of industries and clients. For more information, please visit

GEODIS partners with AHS to implement Exotec Robotic Solution to optimize e-commerce fulfillment GEODIS partners with AHS to implement Exotec Robotic Solution to optimize e-commerce fulfillment

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