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George Cambosos Jr. may have shocked the boxing world when he upset Teofimo Lopez as an 8 to 1 betting vulnerable Saturday, but he didn’t shock himself.

Cambosos Jr., an undefeated 28-year-old who defeated Lopez through a split decision to capture three of boxing’s major lightweight titles, explained in an episode on Monday. MMA hour He already knew that he had defeated Lopez long before they set foot in the ring.

“What I did in my presence and its fights and its game plans, and the spiritual games I played and psychologically destroyed him a few months ago — when I had him Believe that you destroyed The press conference [in April]Originally in the battle between Jake Paul and Ben Askren, “Cambosos Jr. revealed in the Monday edition. MMA hour.. “I recorded the way I put myself into the fight and what I did in the round, and especially that beautiful knockdown. I said I would-I said I would catch him early. If I don’t put him to sleep early, I’ll catch him and hurt him — it changed the fight.

“I think he talked through that fight. That’s what changes the fight. It’s not what Lopez didn’t do. That’s what I did through their rounds. And I broke him. I broke him. I was able to fight him twice every Sunday, and he didn’t beat me. I hit him every time, and it would get worse, but I now I know I don’t want to have anything to do with me. “

Cambosos Jr. (20-0, 10 KO) and Lopez (16-1, 12 KO) first knocked at a pre-match press conference in April, the day before Triller’s Paul vs. Ascren boxing event. .. It was long before many failed bargaining efforts on the part of Triller led to the transfer of match rights to Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Sport promotion, and Cambosos Jr. on Monday his enemies wanted him. He revealed that he had left the first press event knowing he was exactly where he was, after Lopez defeated Vasiliy Lomachenko.

“See, I say that as it is, right?” Said Cambosos Jr. “I scrape off certain things. I talked about weight issues to gain his weight, his sacrifice and dedication to sports. He enjoys it and enjoys the bright light. And it rattled him and felt like it sneaked into his skin. But most importantly, when we faced each other and looked at each other, it was what a man could do. It’s time to actually see what you’re doing.

“Looking in his eyes, he found that he had no soul and was afraid of it. And when he looked in my eyes, he saw it. He’s coming to rob me of everything. “And I think it’s been sticking to him for a very long time, and it went as intended. “

Still, the battle itself was not a perfectly smooth voyage. After knocking down Lopez at the counter in the opening round, Cambosos Jr. must overcome his fears when his desperate enemy drops Cambosos Jr. with his nasty right hand in Round 10 to regain his favor. It didn’t become. The heart of the champion — and why he was Manny Pacquiao’s frequent sparring partner during the Hall of Famer’s own championship career.

“That was my mistake,” said Cambosos Jr. “When I returned to the corner of the 11th round, I was actually angry with myself. I made a mistake, I was a little crazy. It’s been a long time for this fight to happen. I wanted to give the crowd and fans the value of their money, so I was restless and he caught me with a good shot, but like a real champion, I got up I shook it off. It was 1:45 to counter the big punchers they say in Lopez, and not only did I come back, but I finished the round powerfully.

“I went to the corner. I told the team and the cornerman I’m fine. That — what do you know? — I made a mistake, what’s special about him. Didn’t, and now I’m going to punish him for the next two rounds, and that’s what I did. That round 11 is probably the best round of my fight and round 12 is the show I closed and won that round as well. “

Cambosos Jr. said he was confident in his decision by the end of the match. He is also not worried if others are dissatisfied with the split decision given in his favor.

“They make the right decisions and the world is happy,” said Cambosos Jr. “Only Lopez, Lopez Sr., and the other judges who scored it in his way thought it was different.”

Next, Cambosos Jr. has all the cards.

Native Australians are WBA, IBF, WBO, and ring Lightweight champions and marquee matches can face many well-known opponents, from Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia to Gervonta Davis and Lomachenko. Cambosos Jr. said he is open to everyone, but there is one requirement. After many invasions of enemy territory in the last few games, the next battle of the new champion must take place in his hometown.

“100 percent,” said Cambosos Jr. “I really had to go to the trench, the backyard. Now this is my last three battles, two former world champions all in the backyard and the undisputed champion. And many times. It also proves that the world is wrong. Being the weak of all of them fights, but still stands.

“I haven’t been fighting in Australia since 2017. It’s time to go home, fill the stadium for 80,000 people, bring something special back to Australia and protect all the belts, all these beautiful belts. But they are my belts, but they are also Australian belts and, as far as I have, deserve this. “

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George Kambosos Jr. acknowledges the “mental game” in the official victory over Theofimo Lopez: “I broke him” George Kambosos Jr. acknowledges the “mental game” in the official victory over Theofimo Lopez: “I broke him”

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