George RR Martin was amazed at HBO’s multiple Game of Thrones spin-offs

George RR Martin, the creator of Game of Thrones, was amazed at the number of spin-offs HBO developed at the same time.

The first house in the picture of the dragon reveals the day before the Game of Thrones

There have been quite a few comments in the last few weeks and George RR MartinHow it feels to be game of Thrones Series based on him A song of ice and fire The novel was televised. The author seems to have been a little dissatisfied with the order after the series passed the points of the published work, but knowing that HBO has so many potential spin-offs during production at the same time. I’m surprised. ..

game of Thrones From the moment the first episode aired, it became an iconic series, but by the time last season rolled, there were a number of issues that upset the almost perfect execution the show had so far.By that time it was always expected game of Thrones Keeping up with Martin’s published work, the author would have lent out the penultimate book in the series, but as time went on and the seasons changed, it soon became apparent that the show far exceeded the novel series. How Martin managed to complete Winter wind Not to mention the final book Spring dream.

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Even in the final season, when fans and critics disagreed, HBO immediately began discussing exactly where IP could be taken next. The natural choice was to delve into the history of the family featured in the main show.When Dragon house Arrived next year George RR Martin, who brought us the centuries-old history of the House Targaryen before being introduced to Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys Targaryen in the flagship series, has many other prequels under consideration. I was surprised.

With an interview snippet taken from a new book Tinderbox: HBO’s pursuit of a ruthless new frontier, Martin is quoted as he says:

“I suddenly realized they were moving the four days before. The Dance of Dragons idea was just one of them. The other three read my book or have some. It was an idea from other people who seemed to be. HBO Documents They didn’t like it Dunk and Egg Ideas Because they were familiar with the novella — someone read them — but it was too soft, they responded to the idea of ​​The Dance of Dragons. It surprised me, I admit it. I had never heard of it before. I thought I would push forward with one development, one development, what I marketed to them, the idea of ​​”The Dance of Dragons”. I met all four writers. They came to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where I lived, and I met them, discussed their ideas, held workshops, tried to fill them out with questions and more. ”

The first part of “The Dance of Dragons” mentioned Dragon house, Very interesting to note Dunk and Egg The series looks like HBO wasn’t very interested at the time, but after sitting down for a while, it looks like it’s moving forward.Martin is quoted elsewhere saying he wanted more seasons game of Thrones It’s no wonder he was surprised to see the story completely. HBO When they finished the main series in his eyes soon, they were very enthusiastic about releasing additional series.We can see how well it works Dragon house You will receive the first 10 episodes of the series when they arrive next year.This story comes from us insider.

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George RR Martin was amazed at HBO’s multiple Game of Thrones spin-offs

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