Georifters “Summer’s Over” content update is now available

Global Video Game Publisher Leoffl and Taipei-based indie developers Busy toaster gameGave another content update for the terrain-bending adventure The lifter.. The breakdown of what is provided is as follows.

– This is a new costume, not a cosplay!

Each of Georifters’ seven heroes has a whole new, fun and wacky winter outfit and a swimsuit-themed outfit (not very suitable for this time of year). Each costume piece can be unlocked by playing the game as usual and purchased with the acquired crystals. And they can be mixed with the original outfit.

And some of these swimsuits are just weird rather than weird, as you can see for yourself. Dr. Schnos took the hobby of deep sea exploration and the chief took chocolate ice cream fixation to a whole new level. Rex has just obtained a snorkeling license and is now calm about himself. As usual. anything. Don’t miss these wonderful seasonal themed costumes!

– New achievements / badges

There is no overkill. That’s why Georiters are doing even more! These achievements can be earned in the new game modes Match Challenge and Match Arena. Some of them are challenging, yes, but don’t worry as others are even more challenging! But you can’t buy your pride and sense of accomplishment, so it’s better for you to wear a suit, sit down and reach it!

– New “Match Arena” game mode (new level in X 12)

Match is the name of the game in the match arena. How it works is to see if 2-4 players can go directly or team-to-team at 12 new levels and who can play as many matches as possible. When you move the block to the anomaly, a match occurs. This is a strange shape that results from unstable fluctuations in the fabric of a continuum of space blocks. So far, so good? Basically, you’re trying to match everything you can before your opponent can. But if you’re a cheeky type, you can “unmatch” what your opponent matches. So you need to keep your wisdom about yourself when crushing, flipping, rolling and crushing fast-paced matching mayhem.

– New “Match Challenge” game mode (1p-2p) (X 8 new level)

A hot new game mode from the press! Again, match is the name of the game, and the game is for moving blocks to all anomalies, either alone or with friends. Otherwise, it will lead to a much bigger problem, like when you forget the old food left in the fridge. Your job is to use your ingenuity and problem-solving skills to manipulate those blocks into anomalous and bizarre shapes. But be careful, some of these anomalies are pretty weird. So where do you sign up? Now, stop asking and see for yourself!

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Georifters ‘Summer’s Over’ content update is available now

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