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Liverpool legend Phil Thompson assisted Steven Gerrard on behalf of Jurgen Klopp in Anfield’s dugout.

The Rangers expanded their lead to 19 points at the top of the Scottish Premiership with an old farm derby defeating rival Celtic at Ibrox on Saturday. Many people are very impressed with the work that Gerrard is doing at Ibrox.

And when Thompson officially decided that the Germans would be out of time at the club if Graeme Souness’s start at the Rangers was enough to get a job in Liverpool, Gerard cropped in Anfield. I believe there should be a good chance of success

He told Paddy Power’s podcast “From The Horse’s Mouth”: “If Graeme takes his first managerial position in the Rangers and is enough to put Liverpool behind, I think Stephen has a good chance of a successful Jurgen Klopp. Liverpool.

“The Rangers were in a better position when they got in than when Graeme was under Stevie.

“Stevie undertook a very difficult job at the Rangers. It wasn’t easy to get there with Celtic success.

“I was afraid of him because I thought they were so late that it would take five to seven years to be able to change things.

“But Celtic was a little sloppy and Stevie adopted it very well, so it’s clear that he will come to mind when it comes to the next Liverpool coach.”

Liverpool fans still don’t want to see Klopp leave the club, but how good is it to see Gerard return to that Liverpool dougout?

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Gerard advised to replace Crop in Liverpool, Dougout Gerard advised to replace Crop in Liverpool, Dougout

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