Germany: Nintendo loses court appeal for cancellation of SwitcheShop pre-order

It’s not uncommon Nintendo Dealing with legal issues. In most cases, these include allegations of copyright infringement. However, Nintendo may appear in court due to Nintendo’s recently enacted policies and some civil servants. hardware What they sold.

For example, you might recall the proceedings Nintendo has dealt with in Europe over the Switch eShop pre-order cancellation policy. Previously, Nintendo did not allow consumers to cancel their Switch eShop pre-orders. The court battle first began in 2018, originally in Norway. With the headquarters of Nintendo of Europe in Frankfurt, Germany, the problem eventually moved to Germany.

A few years later, Nintendo won. The company then adjusted its Switch eShop pre-order refund policy in September 2020 to allow eShop pre-orders to be canceled at least 7 days before the game’s release. However, an appeal was filed shortly after the verdict. And as of yesterday, the original verdict was overturned. This time, the German Court of Appeals has ruled in favor of the German Consumer Organization Federation (VZBV). As for what happens next, it’s very likely that Nintendo will re-adjust its pre-order cancellation policy, just as it did when the first verdict was issued a year and a half ago.


Germany: Nintendo has lost a court appeal over Switch eShop pre-order cancellations

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